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69 culinary hotspots in the very first MICHELIN Guide Moscow !

9 MICHELIN-starred restaurants in the first edition of the MICHELIN Guide dedicated to the capital of Russia ; 3 MICHELIN Green Stars awarded to local Chefs paving the way for sustainable gastronomy.

The long-awaited arrival of the MICHELIN Guide marks a recognition of the rapid development in gastronomic culture in Russia over the past 30 years. The unique history and traditions of the region, formed by the variety of high-quality local products from the Far East, the Altai Republic, the Black Sea and the north-west of Russia, inspire talented chefs to create exquisite culinary masterpieces that cannot be found anywhere else.

The first ever Moscow MICHELIN Star ceremony took place tonight, at the Zaryadye Concert Hall, in the heart of the Russian capital. The festive evening, organized with all necessary security measures, was attended by more than 500 guests.

The MICHELIN Guide and Moscow are sharing a historical moment with the unveiling of the MICHELIN Guide Moscow 2022 selection. Inspectors have been particularly seduced by the high-quality local produce. Russia is a wonderfully wide-ranging expression of nature: from sea coasts to wild forests, from aromatic herbs to first-class seafood… There are lots of discoveries to make” says Gwendal Poullennec, MICHELIN Guide International Director. “Moreover, thanks to cultural exchanges throughout history between Russia and Europe, Central Asia and the Middle East, gourmets will experience unforgettable authentic meals full of flavor.”

©Artest - Chef's Table
©Artest - Chef's Table

Restaurants were celebrated through the announcement of the MICHELIN Guide selection, with the reveal of Bib Gourmand (for restaurants offering particularly interesting value for money, where you can enjoy a delicious meal under RUB2000), MICHELIN Stars (for restaurants serving high-quality cuisine), and MICHELIN Green Stars (for restaurants that are pioneering in their sustainable approach).

As for all its other selections, the MICHELIN Guide has used the same historical methodology. The team of independent and anonymous inspectors from the Guide has been in the field for its traditional table-tests, during which they evaluate the meal they experience via 5 assessment criteria :

- The quality of the produce used
- The mastery of cooking techniques
- The mastery of flavors
- The chef’s personality in his/her cuisine
- The consistency between visits

Thanks to the seriousness and depth of their methodology, inspectors were able to collectively build this first MICHELIN Guide Moscow selection.

©Twins Garden
©Twins Garden

2 Two MICHELIN Star restaurants

ARTEST Chef’s table
– Offering foodies a visual and immersive experience, thanks to the very special design of the small restaurant, Artem Estafiev’s Chef’s table, focuses on fermentation, contrasting flavors and extremely variable textures. Certainly one of the most modern cuisines in Moscow.

Twins Garden – Twin brothers Ivan & Sergey Berezutsky propose a completely different offer from the regular one in Moscow. Here, the chefs highlight the symbiosis of science and nature, and emphasize vegetarian and sustainable food, while enhancing various local products from Russia.

7 One MICHELIN Star restaurants

Beluga – located at the National Hotel, near the Red Square, Beluga offers one of the finest selections of caviar and vodka in the whole of Russia. While experiencing the authentic soul of this historical place, gourmets can discover and enjoy the elegant and delicate cuisine of chef Evgeny Vikentiev.

Biologie - Chef Ekaterina Alehina offers her guests a journey through a personal cuisine, with a strong accent on sustainability, focusing on organic products. You can also find the chef’s artistic personality in the restaurant itself, which is decorated with her own paintings and furniture she made herself.

Grand Cru – “Bienvenue” to this establishment, with a cozy atmosphere, proposing first class modernized classic French cuisine and one of the best wine lists in Moscow. The Alsatian chef David Hemmerle brings an enjoyable piece of French finesse to Moscow.

Sakhalin – Located on the 22nd floor of an imposing building, Alexey Kogay’s cuisine has a pleasant selection of first-class seafood from Russia, including products caught off the namesake island. This elegant and trendy restaurant offers also an impressive view of the city.

Savva – Chef Andrei Shmakov knows how to mix classical techniques and modernism to offer a subtle Russian cuisine. The elegance of the restaurant and the high-quality service makes it a not-to-be missed spot for Muscovite gourmets.

©White Rabbit
©White Rabbit

Selfie – Chef Anatoly Kazakov is a fine chef at the forefront of modern gastronomy. This restaurant proposes creative dishes, where the main stars are the ingredients, uplifted to their best by the chef’s techniques.

White Rabbit – Chef Vladimir Mukhin’s cooking is as impressive as the wonderful view offered by the panoramic glass roof. This young chef makes you enjoy a cuisine as modern as personal, that knows how to enhance local products. An experience between discovery and nostalgy.

3 MICHELIN Green Star restaurants

(One MICHELIN Star), chef Ekaterina Alehina
Chef Ekaterina Alekhina’s restaurant is a beautiful oasis that is well worth the journey out of the city. This dedicated woman has a clear direction and strong beliefs, investing thought and time on such important issues. Sourcing is paramount, using her own garden and local small producers. Biologie is a labor of passion and a celebration of very good cooking using superb ingredients and a lot of care.

Björn (Bib Gourmand), chef Nikita Poderyaghin
Here, they are very proud of their sustainability ethos and want to tell their guests all about their philosophy. They don’t stand still; they are constantly looking at ways to strengthen their environmental commitment and to achieve their goal of zero waste production. Teams also introduced “Wild Dinners”, gastronomic trips to unexpected natural spots, to appreciate issues that we should all be concerned about.

Twins Garden (Two MICHELIN Stars), chefs Ivan & Sergey Berezutsky
At Twins Garden there’s a real commitment to preserving the environment, with the use of seasonal ingredients: most of the produce comes from the restaurant's farm, including poultry and rabbit. The vegetarian tasting menu is a fine example of their philosophy, as is the wide selection of biodynamic wines or the solar-powered oven.


15 Bib Gourmand restaurants have also been highlighted, allowing foodies to discover skillful chefs and gourmet offers for less than RUB 2000, such as Hibiki, a little gem led by chef and owner Sang Keun Oh, who proposes beautifully inspired cuisine with dishes of tremendous quality, or Eva, which celebrates Greek cuisine with fresh ingredients, while capturing incredible flavors.

The first MICHELIN Young Chef Award, sponsored by Blancpain, was awarded : Nikita Poderyagin, chef of the Björn restaurant since 2016 knows how to mix perfectionism and emotions in the service of gourmets, and his evolution is to be followed carefully in the future.

Foodies discovered the MICHELIN Service Award, sponsored by San Pellegrino, awarded to the service team of the Twins Garden restaurant, led by Vitaly Filonov. Thanks to the strong commitment of these professionals, foodies are transported on a wonderful journey in the Berezutsky brothers’ culinary universe.

Moscow has become the 35th gastronomic destination chosen by the MICHELIN Guide, along with Singapore, the Nordic countries, Beijing, and California. This international highlight will allow foodies from all over the world to easily find a reason for an unforgettable trip to the Russian capital city and will also create an impetus for the further development of the restaurant business, both in Moscow and other Russian cities.

In total, the MICHELIN Guide Moscow 2022 selection includes: 69 restaurants ; 2 restaurants with 2 MICHELIN Stars ; 7 restaurants with 1 MICHELIN Star ; 3 MICHELIN Green Star restaurants ; 15 Bib Gourmand restaurants.

Find the full selection of the MICHELIN Guide Moscow 2022, on the official MICHELIN Guide website and on the App, available for free on iOS.

Hero Image: Restaurant Sakhalin

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