MICHELIN Guide Ceremony 4 minutes 21 February 2024

The MICHELIN Guide Unveils Seoul and Busan 2024 Selections

The MICHELIN Guide unveils Busan’s inaugural selection listing 3 one MICHELIN Star and 15 Bib Gourmand & 22 new additions to the 2024 MICHELIN Guide Seoul edition

The MICHELIN Guide, at the Signiel Busan, is pleased to present the new culinary destination in Korea - the MICHELIN Guide 2024 in the 8th year of Seoul and the first Busan Selections. With the arrival of the New Year 2024, the MICHELIN Guide launched the first MICHELIN Guide for Busan, following the continued success of the Seoul edition and the blooming of both culinary scenes.

'The MICHELIN Guide Seoul & Busan 2024' recommends a total of 222 restaurants: 177 in Seoul, 43 in Busan.

In Seoul, chefs and restaurant professionals have displayed impressive creativity and excellence over the years. With 33 MICHELIN Star restaurants awarded, including 2 restaurants promoted from one MICHELIN Star to two MICHELIN Stars, and 3 new restaurants earning one MICHELIN Star, a total of 22 new restaurants have been added to the MICHELIN Guide Seoul 2024.

Busan is home to the largest port in Korea and boundless natural splendors. Roaming around this second-biggest city in the country has awoken inspectors to its unlimited potential. For the first time, a total 43 restaurants in Busan including 3 one MICHELIN Star restaurants and 15 Bib Gourmand restaurants have joined to the MICHELIN Guide.

• The 2024 Seoul edition features a total selection of 177 restaurants 

- including 3 new one MICHELIN Star and 2 newly promoted two MICHELIN Stars restaurants 

- 57 Seoul Bib Gourmand restaurants were announced last week, including 6 new additions

• For the first time, 43 restaurants in Busan have been added to the MICHELIN Guide, listing 3 one MICHELIN Star, 15 Bib Gourmand, and 25 recommended restaurants

• 3 Green Star restaurants - with one new restaurant in Busan - are recognized in 2024 

“We are thrilled to unveil Busan’s inaugural selection , marking a significant milestone as we continue to witness the dynamic evolution of culinary excellence in Korea,” stated Gwendal Poullennec, International Director of the MICHELIN Guides. “Drawing from our experience in showcasing the ever-evolving culinary landscape of Seoul, we eagerly embrace the challenge of spotlighting the remarkable diversity of Busan’s dining scene to the world. With a great variety of culinary offer in both cities, as well as inspiring hotels to stay, Seoul and Busan are becoming, more than ever, fascinating destinations for gourmets and travelers looking for unforgettable journeys, full of authenticity and cultural richness.”

2 restaurants promoted to two MICHELIN Stars


Mitou (Japanese) showcases the culinary talents of chefs Kwon, Young-woon, and Kim, Bo-mi, who use seasonal ingredients to create traditional Japanese dishes with their unique twist. These chefs meticulously prepare Mitou's dishes in harmony with the changing seasons, sourcing high-quality ingredients like Nagoya cochin chicken from their own families. Through their dedication and expertise, Mitou's chefs deliver exquisite presentations that reflect their commitment to culinary excellence and leave diners eagerly anticipating each season's offerings.


Restaurant Allen (Contemporary) Led by Chef Seo Hyun-min, Restaurant Allen offers sophisticated modern cuisine known for its emphasis on quality and sincerity. Chef Seo meticulously integrates local seasonal ingredients into his dishes over time, resulting in flavorful creations that highlight ingredient characteristics without unnecessary complexity. The restaurant's impeccable teamwork ensures a comfortable dining experience, complementing its seasonal culinary approach to

3 Seoul restaurants newly joined as one MICHELIN Star


Vinho (Contemporary) Led by Chef Jeon Seong-bin and Sommelier Kim Jin-ho, Vinho offers a vibrant atmosphere with expansive windows and an open kitchen. Their extensive wine selection, paired with meticulous service and deep-flavored sauces, elevates the dining experience. Signature dishes like yellowtail tartare exemplify Vinho's commitment to showcasing how wine enhances contemporary cuisine.


Haobin (Chinese) Under Chef Hu Deok-juk's leadership, Haobin is renowned for its Korean-Chinese cuisine and Cantonese refinement. The restaurant's name, meaning "precious guests" in Chinese, underscores Chef Hu's dedication to diners. Known for signature dishes like braised sea cucumber and "Buddha Jumps Over the Wall" soup, Haobin emphasizes genuine flavors and offers seasonal vigor-boosting dishes alongside its diverse culinary offerings.


L’impression (Contemporary) Guided by the principles of "refined" and "essence," L'impression has recently reopened with a renewed focus on natural flavors and intuitive tastes under Chef Yoon Tae-gyun's leadership. The menu emphasizes ingredients that shine through richly flavorful sauces, showcasing the chef's delicate sensibilities in every dish. Despite its restrained plating, L'impression excels in revealing the inherent flavors of each ingredient, providing diners with discerning fare in a sophisticated setting.

3 Busan restaurants newly recognized as one MICHELIN Star


Mori (Japanese) Co-owned by a Korean chef trained in Japan and his Japanese wife, Mori provides beautifully presented authentic Japanese kaiseki dining. Chef Kim Wan-gyu skillfully prepares delicate dishes using fresh seafood and seasonal produce from Busan, showcasing his remarkable culinary balance and rhythm. Guests can savor genuine Japanese cuisine in a cozy atmosphere, enhanced by the chef's carefully crafted dishes and his wife's attentive service.


Fiotto (Italian) Nestled on Dalmaji Hill, Fiotto is a quaint bistro specializing in pasta dishes, managed by a couple. While their decision to focus solely on pasta initially raises eyebrows, the diverse flavors of their dishes prove to be immensely satisfying. The chefs prioritize house-made or locally sourced ingredients, including fresh pastas, hams, and vegetables from their family farm, resulting in a distinctive and sustainable dining experience. Reservations are essential, with only one group served per hour to ensure efficient service.


Palate (Contemporary) Palate in Busan offers avant-garde French cuisine, reflecting Chef Kim Jae-hoon's diverse culinary experiences and innovative approach. Despite being rooted in tradition, the restaurant embraces culinary experimentation, evident since its inception. The juxtaposition of Busan's traditional dining scene with Palate's progressive cuisine creates an intriguing dining experience, complemented by picturesque views of Yonghoman Bay Wharf and Gwangandaegyo Bridge.

One Busan restaurant received a MICHELIN Green Star

- 3 MICHELIN Green Star Restaurants in Korea
Launched in 2020, the MICHELIN Green Star highlights those restaurants at the
forefront of sustainable practices, offering gastronomic experiences while adopting an environmentally inspiring approach.

A Flower Blossom on the Rice retained their MICHELIN Green Star for 4 consecutive years and GIGAS maintains its Green Star as well. In Busan, Fiotto is awarded both one MICHELIN Star and a MICHELIN Green Star. Fiotto sources over 90% of its vegetables and fruits from the chef's parents' farm, where the chef and his wife actively participate in farming to ensure the quality of ingredients. They prioritize using healthy, locally sourced ingredients and minimize the use of packaged industrial foods, promoting an environmentally friendly approach. Dining at Fiotto offers not only delicious cuisine but also the opportunity to engage with the chef about ingredient sourcing and production practices, enhancing the dining experience.

MICHELIN Special Awards

With its Special Awards, the MICHELIN Guide aims to highlight the amazing diversity of the roles within the hospitality industry, as well as its most talented and inspiring professionals.

Kim Jin-ho of Vinho receives the Sommelier Award for his excellent advice, knowledge, passion and understanding of the needs of diners. With a skillful ability to match wines to the chef's dishes and provide insightful explanations to customers, his flexible hospitality enhances the dining experience.

Chef Hu Deok-juk of Haobin, a revered figure in Chinese cuisine with over 50 years of experience, is honored with the Mentor Chef Award. Formerly of Hotel Shilla, he now operates Haobin, emphasizing his dedication to serving valued guests. Chef Hu's enduring reputation draws loyal patrons from afar, showcasing his unmatched hospitality and inspiring devotion to his craft among younger chefs.

The Service Award is given to the excellent team at Eatanic Garden. The team’s service is professional and sophisticated, with precise explanations, personalized service, shows the real hospitality throughout the dining area.

'The MICHELIN Guide Seoul & Busan 2024’ at a glance: 

177 Seoul restaurants, which include: 
· 1 three MICHELIN Stars restaurant 
· 9 two MICHELIN Stars restaurants (2 promoted) 
· 23 one MICHELIN Star restaurants (3 new) 
· 57 Bib Gourmand restaurants (6 new) 
· 2 MICHELIN Green Star restaurants (1 new) 
· 87 MICHELIN selected restaurants (13 new) 

43 all new Busan restaurants, which include: 
· 3 one MICHELIN Star restaurants 
· 1 MICHELIN Green Star restaurant 
· 15 Bib Gourmand restaurants 
· 25 MICHELIN selected restaurants

The full selection of the MICHELIN Guide Seoul & Busan 2024 is available on the MICHELIN Guide website(https://guide.michelin.com/kr/ko) and on the MICHELIN Guide app, available free of charge on iOS and Android.

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