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The MICHELIN Guide Singapore 2024 Full Selection: Inspectors' Favourite Dishes

Now that the newest MICHELIN-Starred restaurants in Singapore have been revealed, let's take a look at which dishes wowed our inspectors!

Four new stars are shining brightly in Singapore as four new restaurants are awarded a MICHELIN Star in the newly released MICHELIN Guide Singapore 2024.

Of course, many might be curious about what dishes stood out when our inspectors made their rounds — luckily, they were generous enough to share their notes, and we're happy to present them here to you today. Enjoy!

Photo: MICHELIN Guide
Photo: MICHELIN Guide



This dish highlights a charcoal-grilled Bresse pigeon cooked to medium-rare perfection. The standout element is the homemade Ecuadorian cacao sauce, aged for 175 days and crafted in-house through a meticulous process of fermenting and roasting cacao. Accompanying the pigeon is a pumpkin brioche, stuffed with various elements of the bird. The pigeon boasts a delightfully tender and crispy texture, perfectly complemented by the rich cacao sauce.

Photo: MICHELIN Guide
Photo: MICHELIN Guide

Duck Consommé / Wholegrain Noodle


This is a signature dish that the chef is incredibly proud of and has no plans to remove from the menu. Its foundatiion is a remarkably flavourful duck soup, made by meticulously extracting the essence from duck bones that have been prepared for hours. The soup is served with homemade wholegrain noodles that beautifully absorb the rich, pure flavours of the duck broth. The noodles have a perfect al dente texture.

To garnish the dish are fragrant perilla leaves, which add a refreshing aroma and balance to the robustness of the duck soup. Despite the deep, concentrated flavour of the broth, the dish is not at all greasy or heavy.

Photo: Matera
Photo: Matera

Whole Red Prawn with Prawn Toast and XO Sauce


The red prawn is large and of excellent quality, perfectly smoked and half-cooked. The head is incredibly juicy, and the meat has a satisfying texture with robust umami. It is served with prawn toast, topped with a sprinkle of nutty sesame seeds. This dish masterfully combines umami and aroma, making it a must-try.

Photo: MICHELIN Guide
Photo: MICHELIN Guide

Rice Bowl & Cincalok Sour Chilli


This rice dish features Koshi Hikari rice, brimming with finely chopped braised sea cucumber, pork jowl, shiitake mushrooms, wawa cabbage, and dried scallops. A cured soy sauce egg yolk is placed in the centre. Mixing all the ingredients thoroughly results in a harmonious blend of flavours, with each component adding a meaningful contribution. The sea cucumber, in particular, has an excellent texture. A side of cincalok sour chili is provided for self-seasoning.

Header image photo is from Pangium.

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