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Contemporary Cuisine Meets Cantonese Craftsmanship At Man Fu Yuan

The menu gets an inspired update by chef Eric Neo while the dining room undergoes a modern makeover.

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“My travel experiences play a central part in my cooking, and encounters with food never fail to jolt my imagination and creativity”, says Executive Chef Eric Neo of Chinese fine dining stalwart Man Fu Yuan. Today, he unveils 10 new signature dishes, each a delicious discovery in contemporary cooking, balanced with traditional Cantonese techniques.

“I cook what I love to eat, but it is always the work of a team of experienced Chinese chefs in the kitchen to bring these ideas to life.” Chef Neo parlays his travels and cross-cultural dining experiences into a cuisine that marries western ingredients like foie gras and caviar, and Japanese flavours like miso and shoyu with Chinese cooking.
Foie Gras, Suckling Pig, Crepe.
Foie Gras, Suckling Pig, Crepe.
The chef has a way with his meats, transforming tender Kagoshima pork belly into sweet, smoky charred tiles of succulent char siew, infusing fragrant Longjing tea into the tender meat of duck and going big on umami flavours with the Mongolian-style grain-fed Australian beef prime rib.
Miso Shoyu Baked Cod Fish, Scrambled Egg White.
Miso Shoyu Baked Cod Fish, Scrambled Egg White.
A lighter touch is given to dishes like the Miso Shoyu Baked Cod—each buttery fillet marinated in shoyu and baked till it takes on a golden sheen before being placed on a cloud of scrambled egg white and topped with miso mayonnaise which is then torched.

Equally showing elegance and restraint is the Tiger Prawn Vermicelli which features a fresh plump prawn sitting atop silky strands of mee sua in a clear but rich bisque-like prawn broth redolent with Chinese wine.

Crafted with finesse, these innovative new dishes are individually plated and served, allowing for a refined dining experience underpinned by authentic Cantonese culinary techniques.
Tiger Prawn Vermicelli, Superior Broth, Chinese Wine.
Tiger Prawn Vermicelli, Superior Broth, Chinese Wine.
The contemporary touches in the revamped menu are accompanied by modern updates to the restaurant’s interiors as well. Eschewing formal white tablecloths for the warmth of wood-grained tables and plush chairs, Man Fu Yuan now exudes an elegantly youthful vibe, complete with beautiful new show plates and table ware.

Watch this video as Chef Eric Neo walks us through Man Fu Yuan’s new look and demonstrates some new dishes off the updated menu.

Man Fu Yuan
80 Middle Road
InterContinental Singapore
For reservations, visit, Tel: 6825 1008, or email

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