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MICHELIN Guide 2019
Three Stars • Exceptional cuisine, worth a special journey
Very comfortable. Our most delightful places
Over 75 USD
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Inside this grandiose warehouse, the kitchen’s footprint overlaps the dining room, where the cooks themselves can often be seen serving diners. While savoring each course, you may have a full view of Chef Joshua Skenes and his team tending the fiery hearth that is the soul of Saison’s culinary philosophy. This enticing chamber combines the original brick ceilings with cushy seats and giant taxidermy that boasts of the chef's hunting prowess. Over at the bar, a salon fills with couples dining at cocktail tables. The single fixed menu demonstrates a range of skill and flavors. Begin with lightly seared Nova Scotia lobster tails accompanied by house-grown greens to create Vietnamese-inspired lettuce wraps with roasted pineapple and a perfect lime. Tender abalone is then arranged with sauerkraut and mustard seeds, before getting topped with crisp, dehydrated cabbage and dressed tableside with a mussel-crème fraîche sauce. Finally, hearth-roasted yam divulges the intensity of smoke and texture, covered with seeds and set over buttermilk for an absolutely memorable dish. Flaunting the height of their local ingredients is a creamsicle-stuffed Sumo mandarin and the season's first strawberries.
  • N Notable wine list
  • 4 Notable cocktail list
  • a Wheelchair accessible
  • K Valet parking




178 Townsend St., San Francisco, CA 94107

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+1 415-828-7990

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Dinner Tue - Sat

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