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Recipe: Malabi (Milk Pudding)

Nur serves this Middle Eastern dessert with rose water, grenadine, pistachios and rose petals.

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Malabi is a Middle Eastern milk pudding commonly perfumed with rose water. Sometimes called Israeli milk pudding, the dessert is most often associated with the country as it is widely available there at a variety of establishments, from street vendors to upscale restaurants. At Nur, which describes itself as serving "modern Middle Eastern cuisine," the dessert is currently included as part of the restaurant's recently launched prix fixe brunch menu. Though originally made using rice flour, this malabi recipe from Nur utilizes cornstarch as the thickening agent, leading to a smoother texture. After setting, the pudding is served topped with rosewater, grenadine, pistachios and dried rose petals.


Recipe courtesy of Nur, New York City
Makes 6 to 8 servings


2 cups milk
2 cups heavy cream
5 tablespoons sugar
3 tablespoons cornstarch
Rose water, to taste
Grenadine, to taste
Roasted pistachios, crushed for serving
Dried rose petals, for serving


1. Heat the milk and heavy cream until hot, but not boiling.

2. Add the sugar and cornstarch, whisking continuously.

3. Once the mixture thickens and begins to boil, continue whisking for 3 to 5 minutes.

4. While the mixture is still hot, ladle into 6 to 8 glass containers and refrigerate uncovered overnight. (Note: If there are any lumps, which may be slightly burnt, you can strain the malabi as you ladle it into the individual servings.)

5. Before serving, top with equal parts rose water and grenadine, and garnish with some pistachios and rose petals.

Photo by Kevin O'Leary.

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