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Val Cantu Brings Californios to Chefs Club in NYC

Beginning next week, Cantu and Kyle Connaughton will join Carrie and Rupert Blease in lower Manhattan for a week of dinners.

Chefs Club

Carrie and Rupert Blease of one-MICHELIN-starred Lord Stanley are in the midst of a month-long dinner series at Chefs Club in New York, cooking alongside chef friends to share their passion for Northern California cuisine. On May 28, Kyle Connaughton (of three-MICHELIN-starred SingleThread) and Val Cantu (of two-MICHELIN-starred Californios) will be joining forces behind the line.

“We’re trying to come to this event and make sure they’re impressed,” says Cantu, who is no stranger to the Chefs Club kitchen as he held residency there last November. “We had a great time and we’re super stoked to be back and meet new people—and this year is going to be even better,” he says. “It’s slightly less pressure, so we’re really trying to blow out our courses.” Cantu is bringing his own corn from California for his chilapita (pictured below), a corn tart that’s filled with Dungeness crab and radishes and topped with Golden Ossetra caviar. Guests can also expect tri-color paletas featuring Valrhona chocolate, banana and strawberry for dessert.

Though he’s worked with the Bleases on collab dinners before, it will be a first with Kyle Connaughton—he’s looking forward to not only exposing his colleagues to Connaughton’s style of cooking, but also his leadership and management style. “I’m excited that we’re all from California,” he adds. “It’s going to be such a fun vibe and good conversation and good vibes throughout. I anticipate it’s going to be a great dinner. . . . It’s going to be a ton of fun.”

Tickets are still available—make your reservation today.

Images courtesy of Californios/Facebook.

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