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Recipe: Old World Manhattan

Boulud Sud mixologist Samy Berdai shares his take on this iconic cocktail.

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Want to drink a Manhattan on the island of Manhattan? Then head to Boulud Sud for its take on the classic cocktail from mixologist Samy Berdai, a great choice where to grab dinner and/or drinks after a stroll through Central Park or visiting nearby Lincoln Center.

"Now, a lot of bartenders have their own twist on a Manhattan, so I wanted one that makes sense for Boulud Sud," says Berdai. "The whisky is still there, but we replaced the vermouth with a combination of bittersweet Italian amaro and sweet Sauternes wine from France. It makes a less boozy Manhattan with a lot more depth and complexity."

Another change is replacing traditional Angostura bitters with a housemade tincture made from dried fruits and spices that the restaurant sources directly from Mediterranean, "perfectly marrying the fruitiness of the Sauternes and the spice of the whisky." For those that don't want to travel the world collecting the necessary ingredients to make this tincture, Berdai recommends buying a bottle from a company called Bitteráneo "that would do very well in the cocktail in a pinch."

With regard to the drink's name, they pin a postage stamp on the rim of the glass "as a message from the Old World to New York." Message well received. Cheers!

Old World Manhattan

Courtesy of Samy Berdai, Boulud Sud, New York City


1.5 ounces rye whisky
0.75 ounces Sauternes
0.25 ounces Ramazzotti Amaro
3 dashes Mediterranean tincture


Add the ingredients to a mixing glass with ice and stir until chilled. Strain into a coupe glass and garnish with a postage stamp or brandied cherry.

Photo courtesy of Boulud Sud.

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