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The Best Beef Brisket Noodles in Hong Kong

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These MICHELIN-selected noodle shops have their own formulas of success that transform a simple bowl of beef brisket noodles into a dish that charms the palates of Hong Kongers and MICHELIN inspectors alike.
Updated on 18 September 2023

Noodles are an integral part of Asian food cultures. In Hong Kong, wonton noodles are arguably the most iconic noodle dish, with beef brisket noodles coming in as a close second. Beef brisket, which is cut from the breast of the cow, can be further divided into more specific cuts such as boneless short rib, lean brisket (or inside skirt), and the outside skirt. The boneless short rib has a good mix of meat and fat, and is tender with a good bite; the inside skirt is a combination of meat and connective tissue, which offers both a soft and chewy texture in a single bite; the outside skirt is the most prized of the three cuts, and is very tender with a rich flavour. Apart from succulent beef brisket, the soup base also plays an important role in elevating the overall dish: a clear broth is sweet and helps to balance out the beef’s fattiness, while the curry soup adds a completely different flavour and intensity. With so many variations available for such a simple dish, it is no wonder that beef brisket noodles have won the hearts of Hong Kongers and MICHELIN inspectors alike. Read more for three MICHELIN-selected beef brisket noodle shops:

Sister Wah
Shop A1, 13 Electric Road, Tin Hau, Hong Kong
$ · Noodles

Offering different cuts such as boneless short rib and outside skirt from locally slaughtered cattle, Sister Wah adjusts the braising time depending on the meat quality so as to preserve the beef’s freshness while maintaining a smooth and bouncy texture. The soup cooked with a secret recipe passed down through generations has a sweetness that enhances the beef brisket’s flavour.

Kau Kee
21 Gough Street, Central, Hong Kong
$ · Noodles

Trading since the 1930s, Kau Kee has built up such a loyal following that lining up in the streets waiting for a seat is part of the experience. Their clear tonic broth made with Chinese herbs, tender and flavoursome braised beef brisket and e-fu noodles that perfectly soaks up the broth are a truly memorable combination. Kau Kee’s curry beef brisket is another popular dish on the menu.

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Article written by MICHELIN Guide Hong Kong Macau, translated by Iris Wong. Read original article here.