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On The Gala Menu: Guillaume Galliot's Crab Salad

The crab salad and fennel mousse created by the chef of three-MICHELIN-starred Caprice in Hong Kong is a vivid tribute to the ocean.


The MICHELIN Guide Singapore 2019 Star Revelation and Gala Dinner was held on the evening of 17 September. Themed “Kitchens of Progression”, the gala paid homage to the global trend of sustainability, which also marks a shift towards sustainable dining and culinary practices. Together, a star-studded roster of chefs presented a six-course dinner inspired by an environmentally-friendly ethos.
Guillaume Galliot has helmed French fine dining grande dame Caprice in Hong Kong since 2017, maintaining its two-MICHELIN-starred status until last year when the restaurant was elevated to three stars in the MICHELIN Guide Hong Kong Macau 2019 edition. At Caprice, Galliot presents a global palette of flavours built on solid classical French-based cooking injected with a light touch and ingredient-centric approach.

He opened the gala dinner with a starter of Crab Salad with Oscietra Caviar from Kaviari House and Fennel Mousse, a signature dish at Caprice.
What is the dish you presented for the MICHELIN Guide Singapore 2019 Star Revelation and Gala Dinner?
The dish we served is one of our signature dishes in Caprice, which is the Hokkaido king crab salad with fennel mousse and caviar, and below that we have a jelly made with all the shell and the head of the crab and a little bit of shrimp for sweetness.

What was the inspiration for your dish?
The inspiration for it is the childhood memory of arriving on the beach in Brittany, and you have this heavy sea smell and all the seaweed. So we were thinking of reproducing this smell. The flavour of this dish is really like when you go to the beach for a swim and you get hit by a wave and drink a bit of seawater — it’s full of the flavour of the sea, but with delicacy from the cream inside.

How does this dish embody sustainability?
We source our crab from two different places, Alaska and Hokkaido, depending on the season. We can respect sustainability by working with the seasons and with producers that respect it as well.

Why is sustainability important to you?
These days it’s 42 degrees Celsius in France. Paris is not a dessert, why is it so hot? If we continue this way, we will go to the mountains and ski in July and then in December we will go to the beach. For sure, climate change is a big problem. I don’t know if anything is going to change with just me alone, but we try to respect that as a restaurant and work with direct suppliers whom we know will respect the environment the same way.
On The Gala Menu: Guillaume Galliot's Crab Salad

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