Wellness 6 minutes
Crunch Time: 8 Things To Know About Eating Insects

When it comes to the food of the future, insects might just be the next bug thing.


Wellness 3 minutes
7 Types Of Food To Help You Stay Hydrated
Cactus, quinoa and emblic are just some of the food you can take to stay cool even as temperatures rise this month.
Wellness 3 minutes
Seven Wellness-centric Drink Condiments
If you haven’t thought about adding these ingredients into your beverages, this might be your time to jump onboard.
Wellness 3 minutes
Colour Me Healthy
Eating purple is the latest food trend for the health-conscious, and here’s why.
Wellness 1 minute
Ingredient: Peach Gum
This natural skin supplement is likened to Bird's Nest but costs a fraction of its price.
Wellness 5 minutes
Demystifying Healthy Diets
Paleo, ketogenic, vegan and gluten-free, these diets may be trending, but they come with their fair shares of pros and cons.
Wellness 1 minute
5 Wellness Food Trends To Watch
Vegetables, non-alcoholic drinks and mindful eating take centrestage this year.
Wellness 3 minutes
An Around-the-Clock Guide to Stress-Busting
5 foods that will help you take the edge off - and it's not just avocados.
Wellness 1 minute
Why Food Rest Is Important For Certain Dishes
The science behind why some dishes actually taste better the day after.
Wellness 1 minute
Try This Healthy Summer Recipe For Ceviche
The refreshing combination of raw fish cured in citrus juices makes for a delicious summertime treat.
Wellness 2 minutes
Dear Dairy: 5 Delicious Plant-Based Milk Alternatives To Replace Cow's Milk
Whether you're lactose intolerant or simply looking for new flavours, here's what you can look out for.
Wellness 1 minute
5 Low-GI Alternatives To White Rice
Just because you're going low carb doesn't mean you have to sacrifice this staple.
Wellness 2 minutes
5 Types Of Healthy Cooking Oils To Know
These lesser-known oils are both healthy and add flavour to your food at the same time.
Wellness 1 minute
7 Lesser-Known Facts About Water
It's time to pause and go deep into the water we drink.
Wellness 2 minutes
7 Gadgets That Make Healthy Eating a Breeze
Who says staying healthy is a time-consuming pursuit?
Wellness 3 minutes
Is Mineral Water Good For You?
From bottled spring water to sparkling carbonated H2O, here's our guide to what goes into the making of each of them.
Wellness 3 minutes
How To Choose The Best Sweeteners
Looking to replace your daily dose of sugar with healthier alternatives? Make an informed choice with our selection.
Wellness 1 minute
How to Make Healthier Kaya
Love Southeast Asia's kaya jams but wanting a healthier alternative? Here's a cleaner, leaner recipe that uses no sugar.
Wellness 2 minutes
How To Upgrade Your Rice Bowl
Increase the nutritional profile of your daily staple with these 7 nuts and grains.
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