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Chef Christophe Duvernois' Love Affair With Chocolate

The director of culinary operations of Macau's City of Dreams is an artist in the world of desserts.

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Desserts are a sweet treat for many people. Yet, to Christophe Duvernois, Director of Culinary Operations of City of Dreams in Macau, a dessert goes beyond being a one-dimensional saccharine treat; instead, the artist believes a dessert should have many layers of different flavours.

Chef Duvernois has been in the industry for more than 27 years. After graduating from the Alpine School of Livron in France, he worked for master chocolatiers Albert and Eric Escobar for a time, then joined the Mandarin Oriental Macau as a pastry chef. He also did stints in renowned hotels in Manila, Hawaii and Hong Kong. In 2009, he became head pastry chef of all the restaurants in City of Dreams Macau. Passionate with a hands-on approach, he designs as well as makes desserts.

His favourite ingredient to use? A timeless classic: chocolate. To Duvernois, it is a versatile and beautiful product of cocoa beans, and blends well with many other ingredients to create innovative flavours.
Partial to chocolate

Think of universally loved desserts and more often than not, chocolate is the star of the show. Mousse au chocolat, molten lava chocolate cake, Black Forest gateau are but some examples.

"Like wine, there is a broad range of chocolate made from cocoa beans of different origins. Look carefully and you'll find that these different beans cause the colour disparity between white, milk and dark chocolate,' explains Duvernois.

"You can change the flavour of the chocolate per the customer's request, right up to the moment before serving. That's how wonderfully adaptable chocolate is."
Chocolate truffles by Christophe Duvernois
Chocolate truffles by Christophe Duvernois
Dedication to his craft

Chocolate, to which Christophe dedicates his creative soul, has now become part and parcel of his life for the simplest of reasons: love.

"Love for chocolate is my motivation. I chose to work in this field, and my closeness with my colleagues pushes me forward. I am passionate and persistent in my work, that's how I keep going," he says.


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