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The MICHELIN Guide Tokyo 2024: Newly Awarded Restaurants Announced Including One 3-Star Restaurant

Restaurant Harutaka is newly awarded Three MICHELIN Stars. One restaurant newly receives Two MICHELIN Stars, and 16 restaurants are recognised with One MICHELIN Star. The MICHELIN Green Star highlights the sustainable commitment of one new establishment. Two Special Awards are presented: the MICHELIN Mentor Chef and the MICHELIN Service Award.

Michelin is pleased to present today, the 2024 edition of the MICHELIN Guide Tokyo. Recommending a total of 504 restaurants, the 17th selection, dedicated to the Japanese Capital, counts no less than 183 MICHELIN Starred establishments, including 1 new Three Star restaurant, 1 new Two Star, and 16 new One Star establishments. One restaurant is also newly awarded the MICHELIN Green Star, bringing the total to 11 restaurants whose eco-friendly commitments have impressed the Inspectors.

Gwendal Poullennec, International Director of the MICHELIN Guide comments: “For the first time in four years, we are delighted to start gathering Tokyo restaurateurs again to celebrate what is one of the most important restaurant selections within the MICHELIN Guide family. For 17 years, our MICHELIN Guide inspectors have been scouting the city, looking for the best culinary proposals. For 17 years now, they have been amazed by the tremendous quality and refinement they find here; and they are delighted to share it not only with local gourmands, but also with international food lovers. This year’s selection — with more than 500 restaurants recommended, of which sushi restaurant Harutaka is promoted to the highest culinary summit — sets a new record as Tokyo continues to be the best-endowed city in terms of both quality eateries and MICHELIN-Starred establishments. The new addition to the MICHELIN Green Star category, bringing the total number of spotlighted restaurants to 11, finally illustrates the growing concern of local chefs for a more sustainable gastronomy, no matter their establishment is located in the biggest metropolis of the world and related-challenges are numerous."

Restaurant Harutaka is Promoted to Three MICHELIN Stars

Located in the district of Ginza, sushi restaurant Harutaka rises to the top of the world's gastronomic scene by getting promoted to Three MICHELIN Stars. In this peaceful establishment, guests can either choose to sit at the counter, or book a private dining room to enjoy authentic Edo-style sushi crafted by chef Harutaka Takahashi. Trained for 12 years at restaurant Sukiyabashi Jiro, Harutaka Takahashi has continuously refined his skills, knowledge, and sensitivity along his career. His creations, whose tastes and textures are outstanding, are all presented following a particular rhythm, building toward a harmonious crescendo of sweetness, sourness, and temperature.

With this new addition, and 11 restaurants keeping their Three MICHELIN Stars for 2024, this year’s selection lists a total of 12 establishments that are indeed worth a special journey.


One Restaurant is Newly Awarded Two MICHELIN Stars

Joining the selection this year, restaurant MAZ directly receives Two MICHELIN Stars for its remarkable innovative cuisine. Supervised by chef Virgilio Martínez Véliz — from restaurant Central in Lima, Peru — and run by executive chef Santiago Fernández Saim, this restaurant combines Peruvian nature themes, like the Pacific coast, the Amazon rainforest, or the Andes, with Japanese ingredients in dishes that express the diversity and singularity of both countries. The restaurant invites guests on a unique culinary and cultural discovery, organized in 9 services — or altitudes, as described on the menu.

With MAZ awarded Two MICHELIN Stars and 32 other restaurants recommended with Two MICHELIN Stars, Tokyo now counts a total of 33 restaurants that are worth a detour.


16 Restaurants Newly Receive One MICHELIN Star

As the city with the most MICHELIN Starred restaurants in the world, Tokyo continues to maintain its gastronomic reputation, influence, and dynamism, with no less than 16 restaurants newly receiving One MICHELIN Star.

Together, these establishments propose 7 different types of cuisine, with Il Ristorante - Niko Romito serving Italian cuisine; MONOLITH, L'ÉTERRE, Ginza L’écrin, TROIS VISAGES, and Mētis Roppongi offering French-inspired cuisine; or Piao-Xiang and Koshikiryori Koki presenting Chinese flavors. To enjoy Japanese cuisine, food lovers will make sure to book at Ichirin, Ginza Kitagawa, Mutsukari, Nishiazabu Noguchi, or Miyasaka, while those looking for superbly executed sushi will visit Hiroo Ishizaka. Finally, Ubuka specializes in crab preparations, while Kabi creates innovative menus.

In total, 138 restaurants are awarded One MICHELIN Star in the MICHELIN Guide Tokyo 2024 selection, spotlighting high-quality cooking.

ⒸMētis Roppongi
ⒸMētis Roppongi

One New Restaurant is Recognised with a MICHELIN Green Star

Highlighting within the MICHELIN Guide selection are restaurants with an outstanding commitment and philosophy towards a more sustainable approach to gastronomy, the MICHELIN Green Star is attributed to one new restaurant in Tokyo.

Restaurant nôl consciously uses seasonal domestic produce and works with farmers who practice recycling oriented agriculture. It also finds value in sturgeon meat, which would otherwise be discarded in the process of domestic caviar production. Finally, they are working to reduce both CO2 emissions and food loss.

This new addition brings the total number of MICHELIN Green Star restaurants to 11, the worldwide record number in one single city.

Ⓒ nôl
Ⓒ nôl

Two MICHELIN Special Awards are Presented

In addition to its culinary distinctions, the MICHELIN Guide aims to highlight talented professionals of the restaurant industry with its special awards. People whose know-how, passion, and dedication have impressed the MICHELIN Guide inspectors, while positively impacting the restaurant industry or bringing restaurant experiences to another level.

MICHELIN Mentor Chef Award

The MICHELIN Mentor Chef Award is presented to chefs whose work and careers set an example, and whose commitment in sharing know-how and passion to the next generation is outstanding.

The MICHELIN Mentor Chef Award is given to Fumio Kondo of Two-MICHELIN-Starred restaurant Tempura Kondo. Opening the restaurant in 1991, Mr. Kondo established the modern form of tempura by introducing seasonal vegetables to Edo-mae tempura, which used to be mainly seafood. His new ideas and practical examples, such as experimenting with thin batter at a time when thick batter was the norm, had a major impact on the industry. He continues to contribute to the development of tempura today by training the younger generations.

Fumio Kondo of Tempura Kondo ⒸMichelin
Fumio Kondo of Tempura Kondo ⒸMichelin

MICHELIN Service Award

The MICHELIN Service Award is presented to staff who are able to make visitors feel comfortable and excel in hospitality. It is awarded to professionals who are engaging, and whose qualities dramatically enhance the restaurant experience.

The 2024 MICHELIN Service Award goes to Toru Ozaki of Pont d'Or Inno (French). He is the manager of the restaurant and brings the team together while personally leading the way in welcoming guests. Many guests who visit the restaurant request to see and specifically be served by Mr. Ozaki, who speaks softly and carefully explains each dish.

Toru Ozaki of Pont d'Or Inno ⒸMichelin
Toru Ozaki of Pont d'Or Inno ⒸMichelin

127 Bib Gourmand and 194 Other Recommended Restaurants

Each year, highly acclaimed by gourmands look for good meals at moderate prices, and Tokyo's Bib Gourmand selection this year sees 9 new additions, for a total of 127 restaurants offering good quality and good value cooking.

These new additions represent 7 different types of cuisine, of which ramen is offered by three of them: there is ramen, Japanese Ramen Gokan, and Ramen Break Beats. Out of the new selection, HOPPERS serves Sri Lankan cuisine, Pot-Bouille serve French flavors, and grill GRAND presents Western dishes. There is also one Tempura restaurant (Tensuke), one Yakitori restaurant (Yakitori SANKA), and one pork specialty spot (Torishige).

Ⓒ Yakitori SANKA
Ⓒ Yakitori SANKA

Finally, and for the first time this year since the creation of the MICHELIN Guide in Tokyo, the MICHELIN Guide inspectors also recommend, in addition to MICHELIN Starred and Bib Gourmand establishments, 194 restaurants whose quality cuisine has seduced them. Partly announced every month through immediate releases on the MICHELIN Guide website and apps, these restaurants definitively add culinary diversity to the selection, while keeping it fresh and dynamic over the year. Among these restaurants, food lovers can enjoy a wide range of cuisines, budgets, and types of restaurants, including izakaya, yakitori restaurants, or Austrian cuisine.

The hotel selection of the MICHELIN Guide  complements the restaurant selection in Tokyo and is available free of charge on the MICHELIN Guide website and app. The selection showcases unique properties both in Japan and throughout the world. Every hotel in the selection has been chosen by the MICHELIN Guide for its extraordinary style, service, and personality, and they can all be booked directly via the MICHELIN Guide website and app. Some of the most prominent hotels in this selection in Japan include intimate design boutique hotels and unique establishments from the “Plus” collection.

The MICHELIN Guide, which is a benchmark in the world of gastronomy, is now setting a new standard for hotels. Visit the MICHELIN Guide website or download the mobile app — free of charge — to discover all the MICHELIN Guide selections and book unforgettable hotels and restaurants.

The MICHELIN Guide Tokyo 2024 selection at a glance:

504 recommended restaurants:
- 12 Three MICHELIN Star restaurants (1 new)
- 33 Two MICHELIN Star restaurants (1 new)
- 138 One MICHELIN Star restaurants (16 new)
- 127 Bib Gourmand restaurants (9 new)
- 11 MICHELIN Green Star restaurants (1 new)
- 194 MICHELIN-selected restaurants.

The MICHELIN Guide Tokyo selection is available free of charge on both the MICHELIN Guide website www.guide.michelin.com and app (available for iOS and Android).

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Top Image: Ⓒ Bulgari Hotels & Resorts / Il Ristorante - Niko Romito

MICHELIN Guide Ceremony

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