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A MICHELIN Inspector's Love Letter to Hong Kong and Macau

A MICHELIN Guide inspector shares his love for Hong Kong and Macau, as he tells us how he has seen the changes and potential of these two dynamic cities.

The MICHELIN Guide inspection team that I worked with has been scouting for the best dining experiences in more than 20 destinations around the globe.

We are all so attracted to the culinary scene in Hong Kong and Macau — with now already the 16th selection—, in these two dynamic and creative cities, we could always find hidden gems, as well as exciting new finds.

The following three items impressed us the most during our visits in these two beautiful gourmet paradises:

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©Cristal Room by Anne-Sophie Pic
©Cristal Room by Anne-Sophie Pic

Strength and Resilience

What surprised us the most was the strength and resilience we have seen in Hong Kong and Macau in the face of the economic turndown, as well as the power of bouncing back after the pandemic.

For example, in Hong Kong, though there seems to have seen a slight slowdown in the culinary scene at the beginning of 2023, the market regained its vibe in the last quarter. The stable environment attracts investment in various scales such as new projects inviting renowned celebrity chefs to the town, inducing excitement in both the recruitment market and gastronomic lovers.

Also, the energy of the local small eats and traditional foods are also impressive. In the new selection of Bib Gourmands, we have found more hidden gems and establishments that have either relocated or even expanded.

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Son Tak Kong's Sticky Rice with Sakura Shrimp and Pine Nuts (©Michelin)
Son Tak Kong's Sticky Rice with Sakura Shrimp and Pine Nuts (©Michelin)


We love the diversity and inclusivity here. Hong Kong and Macau embrace talents from different backgrounds and cultures, and it brings continuous strength and creativity to the culinary scene. Thus, attracting more talents to join, creating a virtuous circle that keeps bringing food lovers back.

In the new selection, we have seen almost 25 cuisine types in Hong Kong and Macau — local cuisines around China such as Shanghainese, Shun Tak, Taizhou, Ningbo, to Huaiyang; to cuisine types spanning Indian, Italian, French, to Latin American, demonstrating an exciting spectrum of the culinary scene.

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Chef Choi Ming Fai of the newly recognised 1 MICHELIN Star and Green Star restaurant Mora.
Chef Choi Ming Fai of the newly recognised 1 MICHELIN Star and Green Star restaurant Mora.

Passion and Talent

The loveliest part of Hong Kong and Macau is definitely its people. Among the Bib Gourmand selection, we’ve seen the energy and diligence of local establishments, in their persistence with traditions and heritage recipes passed down for generations, or dedicating themselves to hearing customers’ voices and improving every day.

That is also true in the fine dining scene — talents from different backgrounds gather here, sharing their passions in their respective culinary path.

Take the MICHELIN Young Chef awardee this year for example — Choi Ming Fai of the newly recognised One MICHELIN Star and Green Star restaurant Mora turned himself to the kitchen only after graduation, not a common path for a lot of talents in the industry. Yet, he is committed to his pursuit in the industry and sharpened his skills around the globe. Settling in his hometown again, Choi incorporated the techniques he learned with local flavours to showcase the beauty of soya bean to Mora's diners.

The newly awarded one-MICHELIN-Starred restaurant Racines in Hong Kong is another example. Chef Romain Dupeyre and Adrien Castillo, who have first met in France, are now settling in Hong Kong to showcase the flavours from their hometown in the South of France. It’s touching to see that these two chefs, from another continent, honed their skill along the way and continued their passion on another side of the world, pursuing their dreams together.

Perhaps, the paths for talents are not the same, they always share the same beliefs and goals. We are always eager to experience Hong Kong and Macau — their energy, passion, and creativity in the gastronomic scene keeps pushing the industry to bring happy surprise to the market every year!


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