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6 Museums Around The World With Michelin-Starred Restaurants

From Amsterdam to London, these museums will fill you up with more than just knowledge.

Just as painters are artists who colour new worlds on blank canvases, so too are chefs who introduce new flavours beautifully presented on a plate. Here, we round up six Michelin-starred restaurants housed in major museums around the world.

National Gallery Singapore, #01-04, 1 St. Andrew's Road (entrance via Supreme Court wing's foyer), Singapore

Housed within the National Gallery and occupying what was once the registration room of the Supreme Court is this most discreet and intimate of restaurants - named by chef Julien Royer after his grandmother. His superlative modern dishes use top-notch ingredients and are not just dazzling in their looks but also display great finesse and elegance. Service is very polished and the glass doors into the kitchen give glimpses of the alchemy within.

Photo Credit: Erik Smits
Photo Credit: Erik Smits

Museumstraat 2, 1077 XX Amsterdam

This lively, luxurious brasserie belonging to the Rijksmuseum is a surefire winner. The flavours are recognisable but the inventive style of cooking is a surprise and, despite the huge range of flavours and textures, everything is well-balanced. The descriptions are intriguing and exciting and dishes certainly live up to expectations.

av. de Abandoibarra 2, 48009 Bilbao

This restaurant is inside the Guggenheim, but with its own entrance. Minimalist-style dining room, as well as a kitchen that is visible from the entrance. The chef conjures up modern cuisine and intricately developed dishes, which are enhanced by the addition of innovative touches. Different menus, all with the option of wine pairing.

The Modern
9 W. 53rd Street, New York 10019

It goes without saying that The Modern has one of the city's most prized locations, designed to capture the iconic feel of the MoMA in which it is seamlessly housed. A brief closure for an ambitious kitchen renovation and nip-tuck of the dining rooms brings The Modern back better than ever. Art enthusiasts have always appreciated its timeless and glorious surrounds and are sure to notice the improved acoustics, which facilitate quiet conversation and match the calm of the view over the sculpture garden. The state-of-the-art kitchen should allow the team to grow into its full creative potential -- both in the dining room and at the buzzy bar. Chef Abram Bissell and crew are truly wowing these globe-trotting patrons with excellent food and warm, well-timed service. Appealing dishes showcase clean flavours and may include roasted cauliflower composed with creamy crab butter, almond-cauliflower purée, and crabmeat. Delicate balance and top ingredients are at the height of an exceedingly tender lobster "marinated with truffles" and served in a luscious sauce with radishes and bright herbs. For dessert, rhubarb bread pudding is topped with vanilla-mascarpone mousse for a bit of flourish and whole lot of fun.

via della Fratta 38, 55100 Lucca

At the Lucca Museum of Contemporary Art, the chef's avant-garde style of cooking comes through in the innovative dishes that show off his imagination. One just needs to taste part of the menu to experience the surprises that come on it.

La Leggenda dei Frati
Costa San Giorgio 6/a, 50122 Firenze

Things start well and only get better... Once you have entered the beautiful Villa Bardini not far from Palazzo Vecchio, you are plunged into an elegant and welcoming ambience. This serves as the perfect setting for delicious creative and modern cuisine. There is an additional treat: anyone who dines at the restaurant can also choose to visit the museum accompanied by the restaurant owner who has a set of keys. A truly multi-sensory experience.

This story was originally written by Tang Jie and translated by Meryl Koh. Click here for the original version of the story. 


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