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Cocktail Recipe: Ryan Ratino's Suite at the Willard

How to make Suite at the Willard with Rémy Martin Tercet, plus indulgent cognac-cured foie gras

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From Ryan Ratino, chef-owner of One MICHELIN Star Bresca and Two MICHELIN Star Jônt in Washington, DC come these cocktail and foie gras recipes. If you have a vacuum sealer and a sous vide machine you can make your own cordial. Otherwise, pay a visit to your local liquor or wine shop. Here's how to make Ratino's Suite at the Willard with Rémy Martin® Tercet and cognac-cured foie gras.

Suite at the Willard
45ml Rémy Martin Tercet
15ml rye whiskey 
15ml f.a. cordial (see below)
15ml oloroso sherry
1 dash Bitter Truth aromatic bitters

Stir ingredients together and serve on the rocks. Garnish with caramelized fig.

F.A. Cordial
500g cachacha
500g figs
250g sugar
100g almond oil
Vacuum sealer
Sous vide machine 

  • Combine all ingredients and then vacuum seal
  • Sous vide for 90 minutes at 60°C (140°F) for 90 minutes
  • Take out and put into an ice bath until chilled
  • Cut open bag and pour contents into a pan. Heat up slightly to make sure all the sugar is dissolved
  • Strain through a cheesecloth and chinois into a plastic container
  • Cover with plastic wrap, label, and put into freezer overnight
  • The next day, strain out the frozen oil and rebottle the cordial (shelf life of 3 months) 

Photo by Rey Lopez, courtesy of Bresca
Photo by Rey Lopez, courtesy of Bresca

Bresca ops director Jhonatan Cano says, "According to cocktail historian David Wondrich, this Japanese cocktail may be the only cocktail in Jerry Thomas' How to Mix Drinks that Thomas invented himself. It's supposedly named in honor of Tateishi "Tommy" Noriyuki and a group Japanese delegates staying at the Metropolitan Hotel, across the street from Thomas' bar on Broadway. Our homage takes its name from the Willard Hotel in Washington DC, where the delegates stayed in Washington DC while ratifying the Treaty of Friendship with then-President James Buchanan."

Roast foie gras. Photo by Rey Lopez, courtesy of Bresca
Roast foie gras. Photo by Rey Lopez, courtesy of Bresca

Foie Gras With Cognac
1 lobe or 3oz portions of grade-A foie gras
60g salt
30g sugar
80g cognac
280g water
10g black pepper
6 sprigs thyme
1 sliced shallot
6 sliced garlic cloves

  • Heat water to a soft boil
  • Add all ingredients except the foie gras
  • Remove from heat
  • Once cooled, add the foie gras and let sit overnight to brine (ideally 24h).
  • From here the foie gras is ready to be grilled or seared

Hero image: Suite at the Willard cocktail. Photo courtesy Bresca.

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