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Hsi Lo Tien Beef Soup

Black-faced Spoonbill Canteen

The Temple-front Eatery

A Hsing Congee

Traditional Tainan Feast (Anping)

Di Yi Ding

San Hao Yi Kung Tao Angelica Duck

Plum Chang

Po Jen Tang

Wang Jia Smoked Lamb

A Xing Shi Mu Yu

Shang Hao Chih Beef Soup

Gyu Go Zou

Kaiyuan Fried Spanish Mackerel Thick Soup

Yi Wei Pin

A Ming Zhu Xing (Baoan Road)

Yeh Jia Calamari Rice Noodle Soup

A-Yu Beef Shabu Shabu (Kunlun Road)

Wang Shih Fish Skin Dishes

Hsin Hsin

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