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ANNOUNCEMENT: MICHELIN Star Revelation 2020 in Singapore Cancelled

The MICHELIN Guide announces the cancellation of the MICHELIN Star Revelation 2020 in Singapore, due to the long period of closure of restaurants during the COVID-19 crisis.


SINGAPORE, 29 September 2020 — In order to respect its historical methodology and to ensure the best quality of evaluation of Singaporean restaurants, the Guide has to extend the inspecting period on the field in the upcoming months.

Since 1900, the mission of the MICHELIN Guide is to provide qualitative recommendations of restaurants to its customers and food-loving community. During this challenging period, our main challenge was to adapt our activity to each country’s situation, and to ensure that the teams would be able to carry out their work with peace of mind, and to the best of their ability, given the current circumstances.

Inspectors were able to visit the restaurants before the COVID-19 crisis and they are now finding their way back with cautious pleasure.

For more than 120 years, we have built a strong and impartial methodology that we use for each of our editions. One of our main criteria is the consistency between visits (in addition to the quality of the products, the mastery of flavour and cooking techniques, and the personality of the chef in his/her cuisine).

The respect of these five criteria is the guarantee of the most qualitative and relevant recommendation. The MICHELIN Guide continues to carry out its work, respecting its historic values and its professionalism, adapting with clear mindedness to the specific situations of each of the destinations affected by this crisis.

In this unprecedented event, Singapore’s restaurants were closed for dine-in for up to 11 weeks. Although we’ve been impressed to observe how the chefs and their teams were able to re-invent their activity and to develop takeaways or delivery concepts, our policy is to evaluate dining-in experiences. These initiatives don’t compromise on the quality of the offer and will certainly continue long after the reopening period.

However, in this particular context, we weren’t able to evaluate our consistency criteria. Which is why, in order to preserve the quality and the relevance of our restaurant recommendations and the respect of our evaluation method, we have decided not to announce a 2020 selection in Singapore.

The MICHELIN Guide will retain its values and its function regarding the allocation of stars in Singapore: under no circumstances will there be any question of sanctioning an establishment in this particular economic and health climate and we will do everything possible in terms of human and technological engagement to highlight the dynamism of international culinary scenes, as we have been doing for over 120 years.

In this context, our inspectors look forward to be amongst the restaurants’ first customers and contribute to the dynamics of the return of gastronomes by highlighting the work of renewal and the commitment of the chefs on the Guide’s digital platform. These can be accessed at

We’ll be proud to announce in the upcoming months the 2021 selection of restaurants in Singapore, once our inspectors have spent enough assessments on the field to do their work in the best conditions and produce the best recommendations for our gourmets.

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