People 18 December 2023

One MICHELIN Star Sushi Masashi –Pursuit of Mastery by Masashi Yamaguchi

His pursuit for the essence of sushi resonates with the Audi Q8 e-tron, which attempts to protect the global environment while challenging the status quo with pioneering technology.

Masashi Yamaguchi was born and raised in Tokyo, and he perfected his skills at sushi restaurants in Tokyo and Kyoto. He expresses his accumulation of learning experiences at his restaurant in Kita Aoyama, Tokyo.

‘I am exploring the essence of what is deliciousness. The status quo is not enough, I am always aiming for a higher level. This is why, when I get advice or when new technology is born, I try to apply it. If there’s a match with current trends, my way of thinking and my techniques, I adopt them openly. I believe there’s a thin line between tradition and innovation.’

Chef Yamaguchi values traditional work. Sushi culture, which has been passed down in Japan since the Edo Period (1603 to 1867) , is all about making an extra effort to make fish that much more delicious. Each species of fish has a unique flavour, such as the aroma of marbled flounder or the taste of sea bream. Sushi chefs are recognized for continually honing their own skills and knowledge as to bring out the best in ingredients.

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