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The Michelin Key: A New Award For MICHELIN Guide Hotels

Presenting the Michelin Key: a new award for the world's most exceptional hotels

The MICHELIN Guide experts have already selected 5,300 top hotels around the world. To highlight the establishments which offer particularly exceptional hotel and travel experiences, Michelin are now also unveiling the Michelin Key – a special award which will be implemented from 2024.

The MICHELIN Guide Hotel Selection

After four years of work, the MICHELIN Guide teams have rethought their hotel selection. As with restaurants, The MICHELIN Guide independently recommends establishments that constitute truly remarkable destinations. The Guide’s hotel experts offer their expertise to travellers, to help them discover only the very best experiences. In response to today’s hyper-standardisation of accommodation – where many hotels share the same design – The MICHELIN Guide would like to compel customers towards hotels that excel in all areas: architectural design, professional know-how and the existence of a true, identifiable personality.

The new MICHELIN Guide selection recommends 5,300 hotels in 120 countries, across a broad range of prices and styles. The selection process is based on hotels meeting five criteria:

1. An open door to the destination
2. Excellence in interior design and architecture
3. Individuality, reflecting personality and authenticity
4. Quality and consistency in service, comfort and maintenance
5. Consistency between the level of experience and the price

With this selection, chosen independently and separate from existing distinctions and awards, The MICHELIN Guide has three objectives:

- To enable travellers to precede or follow a dining experience with a memorable hotel stay
- To guide guests towards boutique accommodation that offers much more than just a room for the night
- To allow users the opportunity to choose, book and share their experiences on a single independent platform

Exploring The MICHELIN Guide’s website and mobile application is easy and intuitive, from planning to booking. Users can take inspiration from the magazine section, choose between hotels using search filters, reserve a room, pay online and provide feedback or share their experiences. Travellers can also benefit from customer service available 24/7 and a team of travel experts offering tailor-made support.

The Michelin Key, A New MICHELIN Guide Award

Within this new selection, The MICHELIN Guide aims to highlight the hotels that raise hospitality to an art form, forging truly memorable experiences for travellers. These are the hotels that will be awarded a Michelin Key.

Gwendal Poullennec, International Director of The MICHELIN Guides, explains :

“The Michelin Key is a clear, reliable indicator for travellers. Just as the MICHELIN Star highlights those restaurants that are at the top of their game, the Michelin Key recognises the most exceptional hotels throughout the world. It is also an acknowledgment of the teamwork of committed, enthusiastic hospitality professionals.”

Each year, the Michelin Key will distinguish remarkable establishments led by teams with unique forms of finesse. It will be awarded after anonymous stays conducted by The MICHELIN Guide’s hotel experts.

The MICHELIN Guide teams are currently in the field and will reveal the first Michelin Key selection in the first half of 2024.

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