People 01 June 2023

Discover a Secret Oasis in the Heart of Hungary's Bustling City of Szeged

Join us as we explore Alkimista Kulináris Műhely, a beautifully serene restaurant that not everyone knows is there

A Chef's World Hungary 2022 Editor's Pick

Leave the bustle of the city behind as the gates are unlocked and you enter into a city centre courtyard which leads through to this beautifully serene restaurant. It’s certainly a place that you need to know is there, as you’d never come across it if you were simply passing by – but that’s the way owner Krisztina Katkó likes it: it’s a special secret to be shared by those in the know.

Guests are served all together at 7pm and the regularly changing menu is a reflection of nature, which cleverly blends the old and the new. Krisztina’s pride in her work is palpable and she describes every dish with heartfelt passion. Join us as she tells us more about this wonderfully hidden spot.


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