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Wang's Broth

Jingmei Goose Mama

Lo Chi Hsiao Chao

Hai Yu Pork Ribs

Cabbage Rice and Pork Rib Soup

Chung Chia Sheng Jian Bao

Yu Pin Yuan Iced and Hot Tangyuan

Liang Chi Lu Wei

Yuan Huan Pien Oyster Egg Omelette

Unnamed Clay Oven Roll

Golden Fried Chicken

Good Friend Cold Noodles

A Hui Vermicelli

Hsiung Chi Scallion Pancake

Jingmei Thick Rice Noodles

Fang Chia Shredded Chicken on the Rice

Liu Yu Zi

A Kuo Lu Wei

Mochi Baby

Wu Wang Tsai Chi

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