MICHELIN Guide 2019

Sushi Yoshizumi

  • 325 E. 4th Ave., San Mateo
  • 75 - 150 USD
  • Japanese
MICHELIN Guide’s Point Of View

Reservations may be, at times, hard to secure, but rest assured that it is completely worth the effort to dine here. This is a dining room cherished by expats yearning for a taste of home and sushi purists snapping iPhone shots faster than you can say “omakase.” The setting is discreet in every way, with a tidy interior that consists of little more than eight seats, a cypress bar, as well as a chef’s work station. The menu is built around Edomae sushi, a style that Chef Akira Yoshizumi spent years perfecting in both Japan and New York. His training clearly pays off with food that is refined, delicate and beautifully balanced. Employing wild seafood, mostly from Japan, to create an intimate omakase experience, Chef Yoshizumi offers detailed explanations and welcomes questions with his warm and open demeanor. Clean flavors shine in each course; garnishes and sauces are kept to a minimum. Wonderfully firm and surprisingly mild geoduck sashimi arrives with nothing more than fresh wasabi and a sprinkle of black sea salt. Still, the height of any meal is their nigiri, starring flavorful rice seasoned with akazu (red vinegar) and fish so pristine that its taste seems to name its species.


One Star • High quality cooking, worth a stop




75 - 150 USD

  • E Establishment totally or partly reserved for non-smokers
  • a Wheelchair accessible

Sushi Yoshizumi

+1 650-437-2282
Opening hours
Dinner Wed - Sun

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