Dining Out 11 January 2023

Michelin Guide Slovenia: Igor Jagodic, chef at Restavracija Strelec

Restavracija Strelec, one MICHELIN Star: High quality cooking, worth a stop! Following the launch of the MICHELIN Guide Slovenia in september 2022, we take a closer look at this restaurant in Ljubljana run by Igor Jagodic.

Michelin Stars celebrity chefs Slovenia

If you’re looking for somewhere with panoramic views of the city, why not book a table at this stylish restaurant in Ljubljana Castle’s picturesque Archers’ Tower? Here, the chef Igor Jagodic prepares a surprise menu (with a choice of five, seven or nine courses) of carefully prepared dishes full of strong, intense flavours, including a choice of excellent vegetarian dishes for non-meat eaters.

The cellar offers an interesting and tempting selection of Slovenian wines, combining past and present in an authentic experience.

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