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Michelin Guide Kyoto Osaka + Okayama 2021 Selection Announcement

The 12th edition of the guide to Kyoto Osaka recognises 265 establishments listed in Kyoto and 222 establishments in Osaka, as well as a brand new selection for the Okayama region. The Green Star makes its debut as a new emblem highlighting Sustainable Gastronomy.

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Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, Japan — Nihon Michelin Tire Co., Ltd Managing & Representative Director Paul Perriniaux is pleased to unveil the full selection of the Michelin Guide Kyoto Osaka + Okayama 2021 today. The addition of the Okayama selection, announced on 2 October, is limited to this year’s guide only. 

Watch the official livestream of the Kyoto Osaka 2021 MICHELIN Star Revelation Ceremony
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Now in its 12th year, the guide recommends a total of 487 establishments: 216 restaurants in Kyoto, along with 20 ryokans and 29 hotels; and in Osaka, 207 restaurants are listed, along with 15 hotels. Including the Okayama selection, the total selection comprises 691 establishments.

As a world leader in sustainable mobility, this year Michelin sheds light on the efforts of restaurants at the forefront of practicing sustainable gastronomy in the MICHELIN Guide. On top of evaluating an establishment on the basis of gastronomic criteria relating to what is on the plate, our inspectors have also considered the entire ecosystem of a restaurant and have gathered information about chefs’ practices and their philosophy on sustainable gastronomy. 

To highlight the best and most innovative practices in the profession, we have introduced the Green Star. In addition, Michelin Guide Kyoto Osaka + Okayama 2021 will also highlight establishments that are making ‘Positive Steps’ towards a Green Star.

Located near the Kodaiji Temple in Kyoto, Two MICHELIN Star Kodaiji Wakuden receives the MICHELIN Guide's affirmation this year for their refined, elegant cuisine. (Photo: Kodaiji Wakuden)
Located near the Kodaiji Temple in Kyoto, Two MICHELIN Star Kodaiji Wakuden receives the MICHELIN Guide's affirmation this year for their refined, elegant cuisine. (Photo: Kodaiji Wakuden)

Highlights of both cities:


  • Kikunoi Honten and Hyotei are two restaurants to have been awarded Three Stars for 12 consecutive years. This year both restaurants are commended for making efforts on sustainability.
  • Of the 19 Two Star restaurants Kodaiji Wakuden, Soujiki Nakahigashi and Miyamasou are all awarded a Green Star.
  • There are 13 new One Star restaurants among a total of 84 restaurants. Included are two innovative restaurants: CAINOYA offers dishes that are not bound by Japanese or Western styles but are prepared using sous-vide techniques. LURRA° uses firewood with fermented cooking to create the chef’s own Nordic-based dishes which he had learned at Noma.

One of the many intricate creations at LURRA°(Photo: LURRA°)
One of the many intricate creations at LURRA°(Photo: LURRA°)

  • Among 106 Bib Gourmands covering 26 types of cuisines, 22 are newly listed restaurants. Three new Bib Gourmands in the Curry and Udon categories are an exciting addition.
  • There are 5 Green Star restaurants and 15 commended with Positive Steps towards sustainability. Among them are restaurants that actively source pesticide-free grains and vegetables, work on reducing food waste and food miles, and other environmental practices.
  • 8 new hotels have been added this year. Some of them have been designed by well-known architects and designers, other have unique concepts that contribute to the lifestyle of a recycling-oriented society.


  • Three restaurants have maintained their Three Star status this year, with Kashiwaya gaining a Green Star for offering gastronomical sustainability both in its respect for Osaka’s local vegetables, and for focusing on the conservation of marine resources. The innovative HAJIME has been commended for installing a water filtration system and taking steps to reduce its CO2 emissions footprint.

Two Star La Cime has been noted for its effort to revive locally farmed pigs(Photo: La Cime)
Two Star La Cime has been noted for its effort to revive locally farmed pigs(Photo: La Cime)

        • 12 Two Star restaurants are listed this year, with La Cime working to revive locally farmed pigs.
        • There are 7 new One Star restaurants. Terada has been awarded a Green Star for using rice grown by natural circulation and vegetables grown by farming methods that are gentler on the environment.
        • Among 111 Bib Gourmands covering 26 different types of cuisines, 23 are newly listed restaurants. Founded in 1891, Sushi Tsune is a restaurant where battera sushi originated. Synergy is a curry shop run by a female owner who has travelled to Turkey and Nepal, is fascinated by spices and has learnt about Chinese herbal medicine and other medicinal herbs.

        • In the One Star and Bib Gourmand selection, 10 are run by female chefs.

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        Gwendal Poullennec, International Director of the MICHELIN Guides commented: “Once again we are delighted to announce a new selection from Kyoto where traditional Japanese cuisines lives and breaths and from Osaka with its diverse cultures fostering a rich gastronomy culture. Every year, Kyoto and Osaka never fail to show us their ever-growing potential and their many talented and created chefs, making the two cities world-leading gastronomic destinations. I am sure the whole world will envy Kyoto and Osaka for their gastronomical riches. Last but not least, I hope you will note the dedicated and innovative establishments working towards sustainability.”

        The Michelin Guide Kyoto Osaka + Okayama 2021 will be available for purchase from 9 October 2020, at the price of 3,180 Japanese yen (excluding tax). As mentioned in previous press releases, there will be no publication launch party which usually precedes the release of the Guide. Instead the selection announcement can be streamed online. This year it will be released on the Michelin Guide Asia YouTube channel.

        Newly Starred Restaurants In the MICHELIN Guide Kyoto Osaka 2021


        一乗寺 乃り英 Ichijoji Norihide 
        京、静華 Kyo Seika 
        祇をん かじ正 Gion Kajisho
        山荘 京大和 Sanso Kyoyamato 
        下鴨茶寮 Shimogamo Saryo 
        鮓 はやし Sushi Hayashi 
        鳥さき Torisaki 
        のぐち継 Noguchi Tsunagu 
        ベルロオジエ Velrosier 
        悠々 Yuyu 
        ルーラ Lurra°

        イデアル ビストロ Idéal Bistro 
        鮨 悠伝 Sushi Yuden 
        炭火割烹 いしい Sumibi Kappo Ishii 
        東茶屋 なかむら Higashichaya Nakamura 
        幽玄 Yugen 
        ラ・ベカス La Bécasse 
        ラ ルッチョラ La Lucciola

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