A Tourist's Guide: 7 Must-Buy Foodie Items When In Hong Kong

Even locals would love to enjoy these at home.
It's no secret Hong Kong is a foodie's haven. From Michelin-starred roast goose stalls to glitzy fine-dining restaurants, the winding streets of this cosmopolitan city offer up good food at every turn.

But here's the catch: With so much food on offer, what do you choose to bring back with you for a taste of Hong Kong even when you're home? Here, we put together an insider guide to all the must-have food items you need to stow in your luggage at once. PS: Even locals will enjoy these, too.
1. Tea leaves
Head here: Ying Kee Tea House

Nothing spells comfort like a steaming cup of tea, and Ying Kee has some of the best Chinese teas in town at great prices. We'll recommend picking a tea from their stellar pu-erh selection. Bonus: Ying Kee has multiple outlets, so you won't have to hunt down one lone shop in order to get your tea fix.
2. Century eggs
Head here: Yung Kee or Shun Heng Hong (G/F, 61 Wing Lok St. Sheung Wan)

With their pungent aroma and runny centres, century eggs are not for the faint of heart. But Yung Kee's century eggs are almost as famous as the restaurant's roast goose. Here, the eggs have just a slight whiff of the sharp ammonia-like smell, with a firm, wobbly texture and a delicious creamy yolk. The version at Yung Kee's comes packed nicely with pink slices of preserved ginger, perfect for travelling. But if you're confident of handling these century eggs on your own, head to Shun Heng Hong — the supplier of Yung Kee's century eggs, you can get them here for a much lower price (sans the nice packaging and preserved ginger slices).
3. Ducks' tongue
Head here: Hung's Delicacies

This is definitely a stop to make just before you get on the plane home. Hung's Delicacies does plenty of braised items, such as marinated goose slices, but the braised duck's tongue is the star of the show. Just let the service staff know you intend to pack this home for travel and how long your flight is, and they'll make sure your ducks' tongue stay pretty until you get home.
4. Roast goose
Head here: Yat Lok at Stanley Street (Conwell House, G/F, 34-38 Stanley Street, Central)

If there's one place to take away roast goose from, let it be Yat Lok on Stanley Street. The roast goose here is good enough to earn the restaurant a Michelin star in the 2017 Hong Kong Macau guide, largely thanks to the juicy meat layered with a crisp skin.
Roast goose from one Michelin-starred Yat Lok on Stanley Street.
Roast goose from one Michelin-starred Yat Lok on Stanley Street.
5. Lo Po Bing and other Chinese pastries
Head here: Hang Heung

There are many famous pastry chains for Lo Po Bing in Hong Kong, but this one stands out for their flaky pastry with their signature winter melon paste. Also good are their almond cookies.
6. XO Sauce
Head here: Mrs So's XO Sauce

This sauce comes with a fun back story. The now-famous Mrs So once ran a printing factory, and would serve the XO sauce made by the factory's resident chef to her guests and friends. They were so charmed by this XO sauce and they successfully convinced Mrs So to set up shop selling jars of this umami goodness. By far one of the tastiest XO sauces we have tried, packed with dried seafood and spices. Tip: Make sure this goes into the check-in luggage, as it won't be allowed on the plane.
Photo Credit: 公和豆品 Kung Wo Beancurd Facebook page.
Photo Credit: 公和豆品 Kung Wo Beancurd Facebook page.
7. Fermented beancurd products
Head here: Kung Wo Dou Bun Chong

We saved the best for last. A gem that not a lot of international media have picked up on. The silky-smooth tofu pudding here is made to be enjoyed at the store itself, but the fermented beancurd products are good for taking home with you. The fermented beancurd squares come in jars of different flavours, from chilli to even rose-flavoured. Another item that needs to be checked in.
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