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Best Korean Restaurants in Los Angeles

6 Restaurants
Boasting the largest Korean community outside the country, Los Angeles is the perfect place to try the nation's cuisine. Whether it’s spicy tteokbokki or some mouthwatering KBBQ, these restaurants will have you coming back for seconds.
Updated on 25 January 2023
Yong Su San
950 S. Vermont Ave., 90006 Los Angeles
$$$ · Korean

This mini Seoul-based chain stands out from the K-town crowd with hanbok-attired servers and rarified dishes once reserved for Korea’s royals. While many arrive to sample set menus at various price levels, dining à la carte is also available.
Inspector notes: "Staples like bibimbap and colorful japchae noodles hit their marks, as does the galbijjim—sweet and savory braised short ribs—and all come with a generous assortment of banchan, including several types of kimchi. As a grace note, you might be given a bowl of sujeonggwa, a chilled cinnamon-flavored punch."

Parks BBQ
955 S. Vermont Ave., Ste.G, 90006 Los Angeles
$$$ · Korean

In a town rife with delicious Korean barbecue, Parks BBQ has become one of the city’s go-to destinations for its warm vibe and friendly service, simple interior, and delicious food. Lunch specials offer great variety and an even greater deal. 
Inspector notes: "Pork, chicken and shrimp are on offer, but prime beef, as seen in mouthwatering bulgogi, is your best bet. While their pricier American Wagyu is always worth the splurge, the acclaimed garlic-soy-brown sugar marinade is ace with short ribs. Still, you may want to avoid too much of a good thing by balancing it with cuts of non-marinated meat."

Quarters BBQ
3465 W. 6th St., 90020 Los Angeles
$$$ · Korean

There's a reason why lines wrap around this upscale, long-standing gem. Living up to its name, meats are offered in an ample array of quarter-pound portions. Want to avoid the crowds? Try sneaking in for lunch or early dinner on the outdoor patio.
Inspector notes: "Kick things off with the sizzling pork skin, loaded with rich collagen and excellent seasoning. Four strips of beautifully marbled boneless short rib are then presented on a platter, judiciously seasoned and cooked to pink perfection."

Jeong Yuk Jeom
621 S. Western Ave., Ste.100, 90005 Los Angeles
$$$ · Korean

Brothers Andrew and Jaeyong Son established a Korean barbecue option apart from the rest. With a name that denotes the Korean word for "butcher," diners are plied with ample amounts of banchan, exceptional meats, a stunning setting, and exemplary service. 
Inspector notes: "While the tomahawk steak costs a pretty penny, it will feed an army with leftovers aplenty. Other items—like dry-aged prime rib or meaty short rib—arrive on a tray to be grilled tableside. Minimal embellishments, like soy and salt, ensure maximum enjoyment."

Dha Rae Oak
1106 S. Western Ave., 90006 Los Angeles
$$ · Korean

Duck is the name of the game at Dha Rae Oak. The Koreatown gem greets guests with generously portioned dishes and whole roasted duck in a clay pot; but beware-you have to order at least a day in advance. 
Inspector notes: "Stuffed with chestnuts, sweet potatoes, rice and herbs, then wrapped and roasted for hours, the bronzed duck is plated before your eyes. A spicy dipping sauce and light broth with greens elevates the preparation to epic heights."

Soowon Galbi
856 S. Vermont Ave., 90005 Los Angeles
$$$ · Korean

This tidy little destination brims with personality and sports an authentic flavor with more than two decades of service. 
Inspector notes: "Pancakes, steamed eggs and banchan start things off, but like all good Korean barbecue joints, it’s all about the charbroiled and gas-grilled meat. Whether indulging in straightforward ribeye or garlicky soy-marinated galbi, each morsel is charred perfectly on the grill and will melt in your mouth."