15 Aug to 05 Sep 2023

Gastronomic Dining Collection presented by MICHELIN Guide & Citi ULTIMA


Citi ULTIMA is proud to present the launch of an exclusive year-round partnership with MICHELIN Guide Singapore.

Step into the upper echelon of bespoke dining privileges with Gastronomic Dining Collection, where you will get to enjoy a series of 6 unique dining experiences presented by chefs from ​MICHELIN Starred restaurants. Be invited to indulge in exclusive chef-curated dining menus monthly and to meet the Chefs behind the creations.

For more information to kickstart your gastronomic experience, please speak with your Citi ULTIMA Lifestyle Relationship Manager.

Ode to Japan

In this edition of Ode to Japan, Chef Takeshi Kawakami from Sushi Ichi (One MICHELIN Star, Singapore) and Chef Kin Leung from Sushi Wadatsumi (One MICHELIN Star, Hong Kong) presents an extremely rare Edo-style dinner showcasing the elegance and precision of traditional Edo cuisine and the season's best produce. The menu consists of 16 courses, with each chef presenting their respective signature dishes that highlights their passion for omakase and artful cuisine.

Look forward to Chef Takeshi's decadent Iseebi Unini (Japanese Lobster with Uni Paste) and Kama Toro Nigiri (Bluefin Tuna Cheek Nigiri), and Chef Kin's Hokkaido Scallop wrapped with Japanese Egg Paste, Kaiware Sprouts, Honahojiso, Homemade Dashi sauce, and Grilled Japanese Eel with Sanshou Powder. 

Chef Takeshi Kawakami: A native of Shizuoka, Chef Takeshi Kawakami's culinary journey started out since he was 18 years old by helping out in a restaurant owned by his family. With 17 years of Japanese culinary experience, he ventured out to Tokyo where he was trained as a traditional Sushi Chef. His 11 years of experience as a Sushi Chef has seen his career spanning across 4 major cities of Asia. His no-nonsense exquisite techniques in Sushi making is second to none and that is what makes our guests coming back for more.

What MICHELIN Inspectors Say About m Sushi Ichi: The silky smooth and tactile counter was fashioned from a 300-year-old cypress and the wooden ornaments on the wall were handmade by a famous carpenter in Nara. Traditional Edomae sushi is made with seasonal seafood and vegetables from Japan. Only the best rice, marinated with red or white vinegar, makes it to the counter. Even the sauces are shipped from their flagship store in Japan to maintain consistency.

Chef Kin Leung: Chef Leung has over twenty years of experience in the food and beverage industry, and he is the first and the only Hong Kong Sushi Chef to be awarded a MICHELIN Star. Chef Leung began his culinary career in 2003. After 14 years, Chef Leung had his dream came true and opened Sushi Wadatsumi Hong Kong, where he worked as the Executive Chef till now. Sushi Wadatsumi was awarded One MICHELIN Star from 2017–2020 and 2022–2023 after its opening, providing excellent culinary experience and quality cuisine.

What MICHELIN Inspectors Say About m Sushi Wadatsumi: The longstanding sushi fixture in Sheung Wan moved to this shopping mall in 2021 and has assumed a bigger footprint. The kitchen team delivers a single menu of great value and rest assured that the fish, mostly wild-caught in Japan, is as good as ever. Yamagata sushi rice is dressed in a special blend of red vinegar for optimal acidity. 

Citi ULTIMA Ode to Japan Dining Experience

  • Menu Price: S$600 nett per pair
  • Tickets: Available now
  • Date: 5 Sept 2023

    *Offer is reserved for Citi ULTIMA Cardmembers and for dinner only. Offer is available for pre-booking and on a first come first serve basis and are non-refundable. Limited to one pair per ULTIMA cardholder.

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