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Traditional Foods

Nara Japan Japanese food

The origin of Sake

Nara is considered to be the “birthplace of sake”because sake made by filtering doburoku was born at Shoryakuji Temple in Nara City.
In the Edo period,Yoshino cedar was used to make tubs for brewing sake and barrels for transportation. The materials and technologies necessary for the beginning and development of sake have spread from Nara prefecture to the whole country.

Miwa Somen: The taste of Japan

Miwa is the prefect place for making somen noodles, thanks to the climate suitable for wheat cultivation and making the noodles very long and thin.
It is said that somen originated from the origin of somen noodles that the priest of Oomiwa Shrine started making at Miwa no Sato more than 1200 years ago for people suffering from famine and plague.
During the Edo period, the taste and technology were spread by travelers visiting Ise.

Yoshino Kuzu

The Yoshino region is known for producing high-quality Yoshino kuzu powder, which is rich in unique flavor and nourishment, and kuzu was sung in many songs in the Manyoshu. It is also useful as a Chinese medicine because of its warming effect, and Yoshino Hon-kuzu, which has been carefully made with time and effort, is also popular as an ingredient in Japanese sweets and Japanese cuisine.


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