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The Michelin Main Cities of Europe Guide 2019: Stars Announced

1 new Three-Star, 7 new Two-Star and 44 new One-Star Restaurants

After much speculation, the 2019 Michelin Stars for the Main Cities of Europe Guide were unveiled on Wednesday 27th March. The guide covers 38 cities in 22 countries and recommends more than 1,900 restaurants.

This year’s highlights include:

1 new Three Star restaurant (bringing the total to 23)
2 new Two Star restaurants (bringing the total to 92)
44 new One Star restaurants (bringing the total to 382)

2 new countries added – Iceland and Croatia
3 new cities added – Reykjavik, Zagreb and Dubrovnik

Restaurant Skál!
Restaurant Skál!

Stylish cellar restaurant Amador in Vienna receives Three Michelin Stars. It’s set within the Hajszan Winery and offers multi-layered dishes full of contrasts.

One Michelin Star goes to aend in Vienna, whose dishes are visually appealing, with bold, punchy flavours.

Budapest’s Stand earns One Michelin Star for cooking that has its heart in the Hungarian classics but is infused with personality.

Elegant riverside restaurant Babel in Budapest is awarded One Michelin Star. The chef’s childhood memories inform and inspire the menu.

Trendy Noel in Zagreb gains One Michelin Star for its exciting, colourful modern cuisine.

Unassuming, minimalist DiningRhum in Vienna receives a Bib Gourmand for its great value Japanese-cum-Peruvian cuisine.

A Bib Gourmand is awarded to friendly Gasthaus Seidl in Vienna which offers a mix of pleasingly uncomplicated classic and modern dishes.

Fun, friendly Skál! In Reykjavik offers counter dining in Iceland’s first food market and receives a Bib Gourmand for its modern interpretations of traditional Icelandic dishes.

Zagreb’s Agava receives a Bib Gourmand. It’s a homely place set into the hillside and offers great views alongside a mix of rustic, globally influenced cuisine and Croatian favourites.

Tač, in one of Zagreb’s residential districts, earns a Bib Gourmand for its unfussy Mediterranean-influenced dishes – many of which originate from the owner’s native Istria.

Keep an eye out as we ‘Zoom In’ on some of these restaurants in the coming weeks…


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