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Helsinki To Host The Nordic Countries MICHELIN Guide Ceremony 2024

The date and venue for the unveiling of this year's Michelin Stars has been announced

We are delighted to announce that the restaurant selection for The MICHELIN Guide Nordic Countries 2024 will be unveiled on Monday 27th May.

For the first time, the City of Helsinki has been chosen to host the event, to which all chefs running Michelin-Starred restaurants in the Nordic countries will be invited. The Ceremony will take place in the historic Savoy Theatre and will be followed by a Cocktail Dinner at Helsinki City Hall, which will highlight the best of Finnish and Nordic food and produce.

In line with its ambition to celebrate the diversity of the regional cuisines that contribute to the excellence of Nordic gastronomy, The MICHELIN Guide has been holding its annual Ceremony in a different region or city each year. As the vibrant capital and inspiring flagship of Finnish cuisine, Helsinki makes the ideal host for the next MICHELIN Guide Nordic Countries Ceremony.

The event will see the announcement of not just the renowned Michelin Stars, but also the Michelin Green Stars, which recognise pioneers in the field of sustainable gastronomy. A range of Special Awards celebrating outstanding industry professionals will also be presented.

Helsinki Cathedral (credit: Jere Huttunen / Helsinki Partners)
Helsinki Cathedral (credit: Jere Huttunen / Helsinki Partners)

“We are delighted that, for the first time, our annual Nordic Countries Ceremony will be held in the magnificent City of Helsinki. As Finland’s capital and national culinary flagship, Helsinki will be the perfect location in which to bring together the crème de la crème of Nordic gastronomy. Together with the City of Helsinki, as well as the support of Business Finland and Visit Finland, we will organise a Ceremony worthy of the talent of the chefs and the excellence of the restaurants that our inspectors have independently chosen to honour.”

Gwendal Poullennec, International Director of The MICHELIN Guides

Helsinki from above (credit: Jussi Hellsten / Helsinki Partners)
Helsinki from above (credit: Jussi Hellsten / Helsinki Partners)

"We are thrilled that The MICHELIN Guide has chosen to organise one of the world’s most famous restaurant events in our city this year. The unveiling of the new Nordic restaurant selection of The MICHELIN Guide is a great opportunity for local food industry representatives to highlight their expertise and specialities. Versatility, personality and a certain kind of uniqueness are Helsinki’s strengths when it comes to our food culture. We have the courage to combine new and old, eastern, western and northern, and come up with something completely off-the-beaten-track. Food is a key contributor to Helsinki’s overall vitality and appeal, and it is one of our main priority areas for the coming year."

Marja-Leena Rinkineva, Economic Development Director for the City of Helsinki

The 2024 MICHELIN Guide Nordic Countries Ceremony will be broadcast live via The MICHELIN Guide YouTube channel, allowing everyone to share in the excitement of this prestigious event.

Immediately following the event, the new selection will be found on The MICHELIN Guide website and app. On these platforms, gourmets and travellers can access all the restaurants and hotels recommended by The MICHELIN Guide, free of charge.

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