MICHELIN Guide Ceremony 26 February 2022

Chef Interview: Damien Grey, Winner of Two MICHELIN Stars

We caught up with Damien Grey of Liath in Blackrock, Dublin, winner of Two MICHELIN Stars in the MICHELIN Guide Great Britain & Ireland 2022

Great Britain & Ireland 2022 Launch Event Two Michelin Stars

The launch of The MICHELIN Guide Great Britain & Ireland 2022 on Wednesday 16th February saw 19 new One MICHELIN Stars, 5 new Two MICHELIN Stars and 1 new Three MICHELIN Star awarded.

Liath in Blackrock, Dublin, was promoted from One to Two MICHELIN Stars.

Here, chef-owner Damien Grey took time during the lockdowns to reflect and come up with something new. The restaurant now has a stylish, contemporary look and, as you cross the threshold from the rustic market into this cosy room, it feels like you've entered into a magical world.

Bold, original dishes have been continually reworked and perfect over the years and are centred around the five tastes – salty, savoury, sweet, bitter and sour – which come together in perfect harmony. And with just a handful of tables, it gives Damien and his team the chance to explain the dishes and interact with guests on a personal level, creating a unique and memorable experience.

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