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A Selection of Bib Gourmand Restaurants in Paris and Île-de-France

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Let’s take a closer look at our selection of Bib Gourmand restaurants in Paris – an array of reasonably priced operations that will delight fans of traditional dishes like pâté en croute as much as it will those who are keen to explore more adventurous flavours.

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Updated on 19 April 2024
7 rue du Jour, 75001 Paris
€ · Asian

Adeline Grattard, the Michelin-Starred Chef at Yam'tcha in Paris’s 1st arrondissement, is behind this Bib Gourmand operation that offers a simplified yet still delicious version of her Chinese cuisine in an uncluttered space. Sample dishes include: steamed pork and Kaffir lime 'bouchons'; Galician beef salad with oyster mushrooms; and sago 'pearls' with coconut and sesame.

149 rue de l'Université, 75007 Paris
€€ · Traditional Cuisine

In the heart of the 7th arrondissement, Nina and Philippe Cadeau offer affordable, delicious dishes in which butter and cream play a key role. The menu changes daily and could include the likes of leek vinaigrette, entrecôte à la plancha, egg flan and chocolate mousse.

Aux 2 K
5 rue Louise-Émilie-de-la-Tour-d'Auvergne, 75009 Paris
€€ · Modern Cuisine

Two chefs, Samantha Kagy and Kimiko Kinoshita, are at the helm of this bijou restaurant; one looks after the savoury dishes, the other caters for the sweet-toothed. The menu features plenty of tempting dishes, like their speciality roast pigeon with smoked eel, shallot and salmis sauce. Dishes are prepared with care and finesse.

Brigade du Tigre
38 rue du Faubourg-Poissonnière, 75010 Paris
€€ · Asian

In this bistro-style duplex, La Brigade du Tigre pays homage to the variety and wealth of Asian cuisine, covering China, Thailand, Malaysia and beyond. At the helm, Adrien Ferrand and Galien Emery are two globally inspired cooks who have both spent time backpacking around Asia. Their sharing-style dishes are exemplified by the grilled ravioli with mushrooms, the soft-shell crab tempura with satay sauce, and the flan with matcha tea and white chocolate.

Double Dragon
52 rue Saint-Maur, 75011 Paris
€€ · Asian

Double Dragon blends a busy, canteen-style atmosphere with strong, superbly flavoured dishes that revisit classic recipes from China, Thailand, the Philippines and other cuisines. It’s the key to success for the Levha sisters, who regale their guests with the likes of shrimp wontons, fried chicken wings and crispy rice.

7 rue Ernest-Cresson, 75014 Paris
€ · Korean

With its films, TV series, music and now its cuisine, Korea continues to play a leading cultural role in France. Kwon’s trendy, uncluttered and industrial-style décor provides the backdrop for classic Korean dishes – such as bibimbap – which, first and foremost, showcase a high level of culinary detail. The care and attention given to side dishes is particularly evident, whether you choose the legendary kimchi, crunchy beans with a great smoky flavour, caramelised lotus flower or cucumber with chilli. Fresh, generous cooking is the order of the day here, along with appealing value for the money.

Les Petits Parisiens
49 avenue Jean-Moulin, 75014 Paris
€€ · Traditional Cuisine

With experience in several leading restaurants already in the bag, Chef Clément Gélard is behind the modernised bistro-style cooking here, revisiting time-honoured classics such as 'chou farci' (stuffed cabbage). Diners will be easily swayed by his chocolate mousse with olive oil and sea salt, and the unmissable vanilla rice pudding with dried fruits and salted butter caramel.

39 rue des Dames, 75017 Paris
€€ · Traditional Cuisine

Having previously learned their trade in several leading restaurants, the young couple at the helm of Mova conjure up mouthwatering dishes that oscillate between tradition (showcased by a delicious, lamb-stuffed cabbage) and more creative touches (like baked pineapple with jasmine cream, gingerbread and sablé shavings). Another example of Mova’s bold pairings is egg with warm corn espuma, plus caper and anchovy condiments.

77 rue de Paris, 92110 Clichy
€€ · Traditional Cuisine

Pâté en croûte, ris de veau, gâteau au chocolat... these are some of the mouth-watering, classically French dishes that have helped this popular bistro make its name. It's run by a young couple who have worked in some fine establishments, and is named in homage to their Lyon roots. The produce used includes organic vegetables from Essonne and the menus change seasonally; for lunch, there is a 'menu du jour' and a set 5 course menu, which is also available in the evening.

Baca'v - Boulogne
33 avenue du Général-Leclerc, 92100 Boulogne-Billancourt
€€ · Traditional Cuisine

'Baca' means 'to eat' in the Limousin dialect, and here – along with other modernised bistro-style dishes – Chef Émile Cotte shows off the best of the region; you'll find produce from Corrèze, Creuse and Haute Vienne. Émile is a generous chef, seen across dishes such as pâté en croute, vol au vent, millefeuille and chocolate soufflé – all served in a bright bistro setting.

Le Bistrot du 11
10 rue de Satory, 78000 Versailles
€€ · Modern Cuisine

Just round the corner from the Palace of Versailles, the bistro annexe of La Table du 11 serves up dishes based on quality produce, such as Black Angus beef with a nicely grilled edge, accompanied by crisp, soft Pont-Neuf apples and a full-bodied jus. A choice of menus is available for all services.