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Get to know the MICHELIN Guide better

How long has the MICHELIN Guide been around? What is its history?

The story of the MICHELIN Guide began in 1900. At that time, before it became the international benchmark for restaurant and hotel guides, it was a 400-page guidebook containing practical information for travellers. It was given to motorists free of charge; its aim being to facilitate their travels and develop mobility. To learn about this remarkable adventure we suggest you read this article.

Who are the MICHELIN Guide inspectors? How do you become an inspector?

The main architects of the MICHELIN Guide since 1933, the inspectors are part of the Guide's DNA. Without them, no restaurant selection would ever see the light of day.

The men and women who make up the inspection teams are true explorers, with their passion for gastronomy firmly anchored in their bodies. Palace restaurants, urban canteens, inns, street food stalls, grand tables or small bistros, a MICHELIN Guide inspector carries out more than 250 anonymous meals a year documented in reports. The MICHELIN Guide inspector is the only person who has the authority to inspect a restaurant.

The inspector, an employee of the Michelin Group, behaves like any other customer to ensure that readers will subsequently have the same experience as he or she did. His anonymity and independence are his most useful weapons! So he orders, lunches or dines and pays his bills in full just like anyone else.

But beware, the job requires real expertise coupled with precise skills. In addition to at least 10 years' solid experience in the hotel and restaurant business, they must have a very sharp palate, be able to put aside their personal tastes to judge an establishment's cuisine as objectively as possible, and have a broad knowledge of the world's produce, terroirs and culinary cultures.

What are the MICHELIN Stars?

MICHELIN Stars are the highest accolade awarded by the inspectors to restaurants in the Guide. Stars identify restaurants that offer the best culinary experiences. Contrary to popular belief, they reward only the quality of the cooking itself.

The MICHELIN Star - there was only one to begin with - was created in 1926. Then, between 1931 and 1933, the system was extended, and three levels of Stars were introduced.

They stand for:

  • One MICHELIN Star: High-quality cooking - Worth a stop.
  • Two MICHELIN Stars: Excellent cooking - Worth a detour.
  • Three MICHELIN Stars: Exceptional cuisine - Worth a special journey.

What are the criteria behind the awarding of MICHELIN Stars?

MICHELIN Stars highlight establishments in the Guide's restaurant selection that offer the best dining experiences.

MICHELIN Stars are awarded only on the basis of the quality of the cuisine served by a restaurant at a given time. They do not take into account the service, the tableware or the atmosphere at a restaurant; these aspects are documented by inspectors but are not part of the decision to award a restaurant a Star.

MICHELIN Stars are awarded annually, based on the anonymous and independent dining experiences of our inspection teams, and they are re-evaluated each year.

Five criteria are applied in an identical manner around the world when assessing a restaurant: the quality of the ingredients used; the mastery of cooking and culinary techniques; the harmony of flavours; the personality of the cuisine as expressed through the dishes; and consistency, both across the entire menu and between visits.

When are MICHELIN Stars awarded?

MICHELIN Stars, as well as Green Stars and Bib Gourmands, are awarded on an annual basis, at a different time for each destination covered by the Guide.

If you subscribe to our newsletter, you will be kept up-to-date with all the new awards.

What do the price symbols on the restaurant pages mean?

The price on a restaurant's page is displayed in the form of one to four currency symbols: €, €€, €€€ or €€€€.

The price ranges can be summarised as follows:

  • € : On a budget
  • €€ : A moderate spend
  • €€€ : Special occasion
  • €€€€ : Spare no expense

As a general guide, here you will find the price brackets for each range and currency. These price brackets reflect the average price of a full meal (lunch and dinner) without drinks, for a set and/or a la carte menu.

What is the maximum price of a Bib Gourmand restaurant?

The Bib Gourmand award highlights restaurants that our inspectors consider to be the best value for money within our selection. At these establishments, restaurant-goers can enjoy very good food at a moderate price.

Bib Gourmand restaurants fall within the € and €€ price range, namely the categories "On a budget" and "A moderate spend".

Click here to find out more about our Bib Gourmands.

When are restaurants added into the selection?

Our inspectors are on the road all year round, on the lookout for new restaurants to share with food-lovers. Once a restaurant is considered to be up to the MICHELIN selection standard, our teams want you to be able to enjoy it right away. To this end, the latest finds from our inspectors are published on a regular basis. They are easy to find on the website: use the search filter 'New' on the Restaurants page to find all the additions from the past three months.

To be notified of all new entries you can also subscribe to the MICHELIN Guide newsletter : each new set of announcements is highlighted by a dedicated article.

Why aren't restaurant awards introduced during the year?

MICHELIN Stars, Bib Gourmands and Green Stars are annual distinctions that are updated and presented once a year. We strongly recommend that you keep track of our new restaurants, as among them will be some MICHELIN Stars, Green Stars and Bib Gourmands of the following year. To find out what's new in the last three months, use the search filter 'New' on the Restaurants page.

What is the MICHELIN Green Star? What are the criteria behind it?

The MICHELIN Green Star can be awarded to any type of establishment recommended by the MICHELIN Guide, whether or not it has a distinction for its food (a Bib Gourmand or MICHELIN Star). It takes into consideration concrete sustainable initiatives and highlights industry-leaders when it comes to a restaurant's commitment to eco-friendly gastronomy.

These initiatives can take on a wide variety of forms, depending on the issues and resources specific to each restaurant, but range from the sourcing of ingredients and respecting seasonality to reducing waste and raising customer awareness.

As such, there are no fixed criteria; the MICHELIN Guide simply aims to recognise the most remarkable commitments and encourage the creativity shown by restaurateurs in devising new courses of daily action.

To find out more, read our article.

For restaurant customers

How do I leave a review of a restaurant in the MICHELIN Guide selection or recommend an establishment that is not part of the selection?

Whether you want to share a good experience, send us comments on a restaurant in the selection or suggest an establishment you enjoyed that is not listed in the MICHELIN Guide, we are very interested in your opinion! Reach us here, and don't forget to specify the name of the restaurant, the city and the country. Your comments will be passed on to the MICHELIN Guide inspectors.

How do I report an error on a restaurant's page?

We're sorry if we let a mistake slip through the net. If it's a correction to be made to a restaurant's address, location on the map, amenities or any other detail, please leave us a message on the Contact us page.

All of your comments are very useful and we are grateful to you for sharing them with us.

How do I suggest a new destination that the MICHELIN Guide should cover?

Have you come across good restaurants in a city, region or country that are not covered by the MICHELIN Guide? Please feel free to describe your experience and the highlights of the destination that you particularly enjoyed by giving your opinion here.

How do I book a restaurant from the MICHELIN Guide?

To book a table at a restaurant in the MICHELIN Guide selection, use the booking widget on the restaurant description page.

If this page does not display a booking widget, go directly to the restaurant's website, the link for which appears in the information section alongside the restaurant's telephone number. Most restaurants offer online reservations on their sites.

We wish you a pleasant visit at the restaurant you have chosen from our selection.

For restaurant owners

How do I update my restaurant's opening times?

The opening hours of restaurants published on our website and apps are provided to us by a third party that uses information from the most popular search engines.

To ensure that this data is displayed correctly on MICHELIN Guide products, be sure to update your hours on the most widely used platforms.

I have noticed mistakes on MICHELIN Guide online products (e.g. price, address, telephone number, name, etc). How do I update information about my restaurant?

If you wish to amend or update any factual information published on the MICHELIN Guide online platforms, please send us your corrections through the Contact us form.

How do I add or delete photos of my restaurant on your platforms?

If you would like to update, add or delete photos on the page presenting your restaurant on guide.michelin.com and the link allowing you to access your account has expired, please submit a request via the Contact us form. You will receive a personal link enabling you to download and manage your images.

I received and filled in a questionnaire from the MICHELIN Guide. Can you confirm that it has been validated?

If you filled in and validated your questionnaire, we have received your update. If you have not finished entering your information by the deadline, or if you have any doubts, please do not hesitate to contact us directly at the email address from which the link to the questionnaire was sent.

How can I tell you about the merits of my restaurant with a view to making it into the next MICHELIN Guide selection?

In order for us to review your application, please send the documents listed below to Contact us :

  • Company name and contact details of your establishment;
  • Brief background of the chef;
  • Link to your website or, if not available, your Facebook or Instagram account;
  • Your weekly opening hours.

Only after several visits to your establishment and investigations by our inspectors will a decision be made.

My restaurant is in the latest MICHELIN Guide selection. How can I get a plaque and/or logos to promote my establishment?

If you wish to highlight the fact that your restaurant is part of the MICHELIN Guide selection, you can request a communications kit via the online form.

How can I make it possible for people to make a booking at my restaurant via the MICHELIN Guide digital platforms?

The MICHELIN Guide has teamed up with online booking platforms to combine its expertise in dining-out experiences with global systems, so that consumers can easily book MICHELIN Guide selected restaurants. To make it possible to book a table at your restaurant, meet our partner TheFork/Tripadvisor.

When are newly selected establishments posted online on your MICHELIN Guide platforms?

Our inspectors are on the road all year round, on the lookout for new restaurants to share with food-lovers. Once a restaurant is considered to be up to the standard of the MICHELIN Guide selection, it can be added online. To find these new establishments, simply select the filter 'New' on our Restaurants page: this will bring up the new additions from the last three months.

These restaurants will not be highlighted with any awards upon initial publication, as all of the MICHELIN Stars, Green Stars and Bib Gourmands will be unveiled at the annual announcement.

However, we encourage you to keep a close eye on them, as the Stars of tomorrow may feature among them!

How can I notify you of a temporary or permanent closure of my restaurant?

If we have not noted the temporary or permanent closure of your restaurant, you can inform the MICHELIN Guide teams by going to the Contact us page. Please specify the name of the restaurant, and the city and country of the selection in which it features.

How can I get in touch with someone from the MICHELIN Guide selection team?

If you would like your restaurant to be featured in the MICHELIN Guide selection, we recommend that you refer to the procedure outlined above. If your restaurant is or was part of the MICHELIN Guide selection, you can reply directly to the last questionnaire sent by the MICHELIN Guide or submit a message via the Contact us page.

For hotel guests

How does a hotel get added to the MICHELIN Guide?

It starts with style, service and personality; our experts scour the earth to find hotels that stand out for all three — places that promise a memorable experience, not just a room for the night. From charming budget boutiques to spectacular luxury lodgings, the MICHELIN Guide hotel selection features over 5000 of the world's most exciting hotels, and covers more than 130 countries — with options for all budgets. The only common denominator is that each hotel, regardless of how much it costs, will contribute something meaningful to your journey.

Is there a MICHELIN Star for hotels?

We get this question a lot. Starting in 2024, just like Michelin-Starred restaurants, the most exceptional hotels in the MICHELIN selection will be highlighted by a new distinction: the MICHELIN Key. Our team of hotel experts will help travellers discover unique and memorable experiences. In response to today’s hyper-standardisation of accommodation – where all hotels share the same design and décor – we wish to guide customers towards establishments that are truly extraordinary. For more information, read this article.

Are MICHELIN Guide hotels expensive?

From budget boutique hotels that are low on price and long on personality, to spectacular luxury lodgings that must be seen to be believed, our selection features thousands of extraordinary hotels in over 100 countries, and covers a range of price options. The only common denominator is that each hotel, regardless of cost, will contribute something meaningful to your journey.

For hoteliers

How do I become part of the MICHELIN Guide's selection of hotels and accommodation?

New York boutique hotel or Parisian luxury hotel, Japanese ryokan or designer youth hostel, waterfront villa in Komodo National Park or eco-friendly hacienda in the Sacred Valley of the Incas - the MICHELIN Guide's hotel selection celebrates the most remarkable accommodation around the world. These are chosen for their strong personality, attention to detail and exceptional level of service. As destinations in their own right, each offering memorable experiences, the MICHELIN Guide's recommended places to stay are selected without quotas and across a wide range of styles, locations, atmospheres and prices. Established hotels with international reputations are included in the selection, as well as other more recent discoveries or establishments that have only just opened for business. What they all have in common is that they meet five quality criteria, as evaluated worldwide by the MICHELIN Guide's hotel experts:

  • A destination in its own right: the hotel contributes to the local experience;
  • Excellence in interior design and architecture;
  • Quality and consistency of service, comfort and maintenance;
  • Individuality reflecting personality and authenticity;
  • An extraordinary experience for the price.

Our teams go to great lengths to select the most exceptional hotels around the world; if you would like to present your property in detail, please get in touch with us at hotelreviews@tablethotels.com.

Your questions about the website and/or your MICHELIN Guide account

How do I delete my MICHELIN Guide account?

If you wish to delete your account, all related data and your booking history, you can submit a request here.

How do I exercise the right of access to my personal data or obtain information about my rights?

The Michelin Group attaches great importance to protecting your personal information. In order to comply with the recommendations of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDRP), we invite you to make your request on the Contact us page.

How do I obtain information on your personal data privacy policy?

Michelin is committed to protecting your personal information and to adopting a clear and transparent approach regarding the information we collect and how we use it. You can view our personal data privacy policy here.

How do I submit comments on my experience of using the website or suggest improvements?

We place great importance on feedback from our users with a view to improving users' experience of our services. Please send us any comments via our online form.

How do I submit comments on my experience of using the mobile app or suggest improvements?

We place great importance on feedback from our users with a view to improving users' experience of our services. Please send us any comments via our online form, specifying whether you use the iOS or Android app.