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MICHELIN Chef Mentor Award 2021 – Nordic Countries

And the Winner is... René Redzepi, Chef-Owner of Three MICHELIN Star Restaurant ‘noma’ in Copenhagen, Denmark

The MICHELIN Guide Nordic Countries 2021 covering Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden was unveiled on Monday 13 September. It’s the first year that the Guide has been published in digital format only – you can view the listings here on the website or on the free MICHELIN Guide iOS and Android apps.

As well as unveiling all the new Michelin Stars, Bib Gourmands and Green Stars, there were four special awards announced for Chef Mentor, Young Chef; Sommelier; and Welcome and Service.

The Michelin Chef Mentor Award was awarded to René Redzepi, Chef-Owner of noma in Copenhagen, Denmark.

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The Chef
René Redzepi’s sizeable contribution to redefining cuisine across the world is well-known. However, one should also stop to consider the number of chefs who have passed through his kitchen at noma. René has trained, developed and inspired many young chefs, who have, in turn, gone on to open their own restaurants. These chefs and restaurants have also then played their own part in influencing how cuisine is evolving around the globe, creating an outward ripple and further expanding René’s reach.

In 2011, René also founded MAD (Danish for ‘food’), a non-profit organisation which educates and inspires restaurateurs, chefs, farmers and students; empowering them to make a difference in their restaurants, their communities and the world at large. His aim is to transform the hospitality industry and drive change in food systems in order to proactively contribute to the health of the planet, as well as improving people’s lives.

We have much to thank René Redzepi for!

The Restaurant
It wasn’t just a special award that René received at this year’s Nordic Countries Michelin Star Revelation – his restaurant, noma, was also promoted from Two to Three Michelin Stars.

An urban oasis set on former Navy land, René’s waterside restaurant has a strong connection with nature and follows a holistic philosophy. People don’t just come here for the food but for the unique noma package – and you’ll need to book well in advance to secure a spot.

On arrival, you’ll be greeted by the sight of the restaurant’s greenhouses, before the professional team welcome you at the entrance – and their friendly, informal manner is sure to put you instantly at ease.

The Menu
The test kitchen at noma is one of the most advanced in the world and a meal here is certainly one that won’t easily be forgotten. René’s considered approach sees some of the more unusual seasonal ingredients showcased on a well-thought-through, multi-course tasting menu where complex dishes have been conceived using creativity and innovation

Nature leads the way, with organic, home-grown and foraged ingredients taking starring roles: summer, for example, sees a focus on vegetables and seafood, while autumn focuses on meat and game accompanied by berries and forest mushrooms. Whatever the time of year, vivid natural flavours come together in perfect harmony, with dishes building from one course to the next throughout the menu, making this a magical and memorable meal.

Example dishes from René’s repertoire include:

Warm Berry Salad
This colourful dish contains stuffed raspberries, slices of strawberries, crunchy baby turnips, fresh peas, mini zucchini stars and, at the bottom, a fragrant, creamy and very addictive broth.

Sautéed Wild Blue Lobster With Wild Flower Petals
This tastes as good as it looks! Beautifully thick pieces of sautéed wild blue lobster tail are drizzled with a fragrant oil and an intensely flavoured, frothy sauce made from the lobster shell. A sorrel leaf and petals from wild flowers such as rose and oxalys provide colourful highlights.

Cardamom Candle
This beautiful little orange candle arrives alight and every part of it is edible. You extinguish the candle, wait for it to cool and then consume it in several bites. It emits a saffron scent and a waxy texture is cleverly emulated through the soft candy, which delicately melts in your mouth.


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