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The Best Places to Eat at Taipei's Da’an District

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Vibrant and bustling, Da'an is the administrative district with the highest population density in Taipei. The East District, located on the east side of Da'an, is an upscale area with malls and restaurants galore with a convenient transportation system. Visitors to Da’an can eat their way around the district with the recommendations made in the MICHELIN Guide which run the gamut including Japanese cuisine, contemporary innovative restaurants, vegetarian locales, Taiwanese beef noodles, and Hakka food.
Updated on 23 April 2024
6, Lane 109, Section 1, Anhe Road, Da'an District, 106 Taipei
$$$ · Asian Contemporary

The cool gray wall outside the door extends all the way into the interiors, decked out in minimalist gray and black concrete, while low bar seats surrounding the open kitchen add to the simple, zen ambience. The Japanese chef from Hokkaido conscientiously and expertly combines the ingredients, flavors and cultures of Asia into modern dishes full of heart. There is no physical menu listing the dishes and their ingredients. Instead, the ideas and details of each of the ten degustation courses are described by mouth so that guests can simply focus on eating and tasting. Here, the dishes are elegant and full of personal touches.

Ken Anhe
4, Lane 127, Section 1, Anhe Road, Da'an District, 10681 Taipei
$$$$ · Japanese

Hidden in the secluded alleys of Anhe Road, this Kappo cuisine establishment is named after its address. Japanese sliding doors and cypress finishes exude a calm and minimalist style. Though falling into the culinary industry by chance, the Japanese chef has carved out a name for himself through his attention to detail and uncompromising dedication to excellence. Among the changing seasonal omakase menus, the Wan-Mono course is the most evocative with clear and mellow soups that taste of nuanced layered flavors.

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17, Lane 52, Siwei Road, Da'an District, 106 Taipei
$$$$ · Tempura

Reservations are mandatory and difficult to secure at Mudan, one of Taipei’s most highly lauded restaurants. Yet, even though reservations need to be made online three months in advance, with strict dining rules to follow such as arriving on time and starting the meal only after the whole party arrives, enthusiasm still runs high for its exquisite food. Premium ingredients from Japan and all around the world are carefully selected and deep-fried to perfection, Japanese tempura-style. The ethereal batter is crisp and light, firmly locking in the umami flavors of the ingredients, served simply with sea salt and lemon juice. The parade of tempura hits many notes, each course featuring a different composition of ingredients and cooking temperatures for a memorable dish.

Baho (Da'an)
4, Lane 102, Section 1, Anhe Road, Da'an District, Taipei
$$$$ · Barbecue

Founded and operated by a team that cut its teeth in well-known barbecue restaurants, the small but impressive Baho has gained a foothold in the competitive Da’an restaurant scene for its range of high quality Wagyu cuts and professional, friendly service. The Japanese barbecue restaurant uses whole Omi Sawai hime cows offering more than 10 different cuts. The restaurant also uses Japanese Omi beef and provides more than ten kinds of parts. Ordering its signature Specialty! Golden Yakiniku is highly recommended.

24, Lane 122, Section 4, Ren-Ai Road, Da'an District, Taipei
$$$$ · Taiwanese contemporary

As soon as you step into the dining room, your eyes will be drawn to the nest-like centerpiece above the bar, made with steam-bent cedar and swooping details. The chef declares his commitment to environmental sustainability throughout the whole restaurant experience, from the up-cycled wood décor, menu design, and kitchen practices. The nine-course degustation menu draws from the forests of Taiwan and its indigenous tribes, inviting city dwellers into the wild through their plates. The chef has also created an entirely plant-based menu using innovative techniques to showcase the full potential of each ingredient.

Little Tree Food (Da'an Road)
17, Lane 116, Section 1, Da'an Road, Da'an District, Taipei
$$ · Vegetarian

Conveniently located near the Zhongxiao Fuxing MRT Station, the pink-and-green exterior and white brick walls of this cozy restaurant welcomes diners to take a respite from the busy streets outside. The chef makes vegetarian eating approachable with a friendly ambience and a mantra of going vegetarian twice a week. The menu combines American cooking with Asian flavors in dishes like the Buddha Bowl that features appetizing colors and rich flavors.

May Snow Hakka Food
16, Lane 329, Section 1, Dunhua South Road, Da'an District, 106 Taipei
$$ · Hakkanese

If you want a taste of authentic Hakka cuisine in the busy Da’an District, May Snow Hakka Food will not disappoint. The proprietor who has been at the helm for more than 20 years hopes to challenge the stereotype of Hakka dishes being greasy and heavy, developing the dishes himself and incorporating a variety of seafood and creative cookery. For example, the red yeast cuttlefish features Penghu cuttlefish marinated in red koji sauce before being deep-fried to crispy, delicious perfection. The classic Hakka dish of salt-baked chicken is made with free-range chicken from Fangshan in Tainan, yielding a firm and flavourful meat that is not greasy.

Halal Chinese Beef Noodles (Da'an)
1, Alley 7, Lane 137, Yanji Street, Da'an District, 106 Taipei
$ · Noodles

Adjacent to the Sun Yat-Sen Memorial Hall, this humble and delicious noodle restaurant has been the go-to eatery for nearby office workers and shoppers in the area for more than 60 years. The stewed beef noodles are the store’s signature dish. The soup is fragrant and redolent of stewed beef bones, delicious slurped up with the springy and tender and rich-tasting la mian noodles. The freshly made Dongbei Jinbing, a flatbread stuffed with stir-fried shredded beef, is also a must-order delicacy for every table.

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This article is translated by Rachel Tan.