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The Best Italian Restaurants in Paris

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Fresh home-made pasta; antipasti to write home about; Venetian, Roman and Dolomite delicacies; and full-bodied Italian wine… Classic Italian cuisine has found a second home in Paris and is flourishing in establishments ranging from luxury Starred restaurants to Lilliputian neighbourhood bistros. To help you choose between them, the following Italian restaurants are among the best in Paris. Buon appetito!
Updated on 08 April 2024
Armani Ristorante
7 place du Québec, 75006 Paris
€€€€ · Italian

As the name suggests, this restaurant is quirkily located on the first floor of the St Germain des Prés Armani store, near the church. However, window shopping is not the only activity available here; this ristorante is one of the best Italian spots in the French capital. Fresh, succulent, well-crafted food is the order of the day at this haute couture establishment.

Cucina Mutualité
20 rue Saint-Victor, 75005 Paris
€€ · Italian

The latest addition to the Alain Ducasse empire ticks all the right boxes with its buzzy vibe, modern bistro interior and service team dressed in red-and-white striped jerseys. Behind the scenes, Chef Matteo Lorenzini, whose CV boasts stints in Starred establishments (including three years at Louis XV), crafts a knockout seasonal Italian menu that is irresistible from the antipasti to the dolce. It's a feel-good hit of authentic, flavoursome food.

Emporio Armani Caffè
149 boulevard Saint-Germain, 75006 Paris
€€€ · Italian

Just across from the famous Les Deux Magots, this smart contemporary-style brasserie on the ground floor of the Michelin-Starred Armani Ristorante is run at a brisk pace by the same Italian team. All the time-honoured classics of Italian cuisine are present and correct: 'verdure alla griglia' drizzled with Apulian olive oil; 'linguine alle vongole veraci' cooked al dente and served with a delicious helping of bottarga; and of course a traditional tiramisu with a light and full-flavoured mascarpone cream.

Il Carpaccio
Le Royal Monceau, 37 avenue Hoche, 75008 Paris
€€€€ · Italian

Alessandra Del Favero and Oliver Piras, both of whom hail from the Dolomites, offer first-rate Italian cuisine steeped in simplicity and restraint. In a tribute to Italian Baroque, the restaurant lies at the end of a corridor adorned in thousands of seashells. The equally elegant dining room pursues this theme in a winter garden setting flooded in light.

Il Goto
212 bis rue de Charenton, 75012 Paris
€€ · Italian

This welcoming restaurant is in the capable hands of two dedicated Italians, Simone and Marzia. He crafts authentic dishes made with produce imported direct from Trentino, Friuli and Venezia, including: burrata, radicchio and pumpkin in a sweet-sour sauce; tagliatelle with goat confit, milk and mint; and mascarpone and vanilla torta, a sort of Italian-style cheesecake. The lunchtime menus are very reasonably priced.

Il Ristorante - Niko Romito
Hôtel Bulgari, 30 avenue George-V, 75008 Paris
€€€€ · Italian

Niko Romito, a chef from Abruzzo with a total of three Michelin Stars to his name in restaurants around the world, updates the classics of Italian cooking in a menu that really hones in on the ingredients and dares to take a lighter touch (easy on the fat, limited sauces, steamed ingredients, rice starch used for the breadcrumb coating etc). The saffron risotto with parmesan is subtle and does not leave you feeling heavy, much like the magnificent veal cutlet alla Milanese, to be savoured in this elegantly sleek dining area that opens onto the interior garden.

Ischia - Cyril Lignac
14 rue Cauchy, 75015 Paris
€€€ · Italian

Sporting a glamorous, 1970s-inspired interior, this Italian restaurant is the brainchild of star Chef Cyril Lignac. The menu reads like a bible of Italian cooking: anolini di Parma pasta, Venetian-style carpaccio, veal escalope alla Milanese, pizzette, limoncello baba. This is feel-good food at wallet-friendly prices.

8 quai du Louvre, 75001 Paris
€€€€ · Italian

On the seventh floor of La Samaritaine, in the heart of the Hotel Cheval Blanc, is this Italian-style seafood brasserie, a 'branch' of Langosteria Milano. Lively atmosphere, cocktail bar, remarkable wine list, fresh fish and shellfish, pasta, delicious desserts... and one of the best expressos in Paris.

Le George
Four Seasons George V, 31 avenue George-V, 75008 Paris
€€€€ · Italian

Since September 2016, the opulent Le George (think Baccarat chandeliers, a pristine white colour scheme and graphic flower arrangements) has been basking in the culinary wizardry of Chef Simone Zanoni. In an ode to Italy, each delicately portioned dish is a masterclass of Mediterranean cooking techniques that demonstrates fervent respect for the ingredient.

Mori Venice Bar
27 rue Vivienne, 75002 Paris
€€€ · Italian

Owner Massimo Mori meticulously sources the ingredients for this ristorante opposite the Paris stock exchange. Take a seat in the dining room (notice how the tables are cleverly placed for maximum privacy) or at the counter to sample delicacies from Venice and Northeastern Italy. House specialities include Venetian-style spider crab, calf’s liver, 'passere alle vongole' and ice creams sprinkled with Piedmont hazelnuts.

Osteria Ferrara
7 rue du Dahomey, 75011 Paris
€€ · Italian

A retro, authentic interior (1930s period tiled floor and parquet, the ubiquitous wooden counter, stone or wainscoted walls) sets the scene for a memorable meal. The Sicilian Chef crafts a relatively concise menu of deftly curated Italian dishes: risotto with green peas and Piacentinu Ennese; ravioli stuffed with stracchino and potato.

65 rue Traversière, 75012 Paris
€€ · Italian

In his cheerful, friendly eatery, Giovanni Passerini treats diners to carefully crafted Italian fare of textbook perfection, like his trippa alla romana. Authentic produce is the focus here and dishes to share are also a house speciality, illustrated by suckling lamb or whole pigeon in two courses. The restaurant is often fully booked, so make sure you plan ahead and book.

Penati al Baretto
94 boulevard de la Tour-Maubourg, 75007 Paris
€€€ · Italian

Italians, as we know, have taste. Milanese Chef Alberico Penati has set up shop in this chic place decorated with light woodwork, whose bay windows open onto 'Les Invalides' garden – an oh-so-desirable location. The Chef’s main focusg is tradition; without concession to fashion, his menu is a roll-call of transalpine classics made with hand-picked produce. The homemade pasta is a highlight and the 100% Italian wine list highlights Piedmontese wines, notably barolo and barbaresco.

Piero TT
44 rue du Bac, 75007 Paris
€€€€ · Italian

Welcome to Pierre Gagnaire’s Italian trattoria. The master chef has devised an Italian menu that is deftly crafted by youthful Chef Ivan Ferrara (who spent time at Florence’s Three Star Enoteca Pinchiorri). Michele and Gianluca walk you through the menu, explaining the hand-picked ingredients and offering wine tips in a smart, yet casual, ambience. Bookings are highly recommended.

4 rue du Général Lanrezac, 75017 Paris
€€€ · Italian

This elegant ristorante, which features a string of small, tastefully appointed dining rooms, is living proof that Italians do it better. The food of Pascal Fayet, grandson of a Florentine cabinet maker, sets the mood in this dolce vita-inspired eatery. The menu is 100% Italian, with half of it devoted (when in season) to truffles (fried eggs with truffle, black truffle lasagne); however, don't overlook the joys of the lobster ravioli or the fine selection of Italian wines.

18 rue du Cirque, 75008 Paris
€€€€ · Italian

Italy has found a home away from home in this stylishly appointed, small-scale restaurant in the French capital. The food sings an aria to Italian gastronomy: meat, olive oil and cheese. Rather classical at lunchtime, the menu is more refined, even inspired, in the evening. The Splendide Royal Hotel (former home of Pierre Cardin) offers lavish, elegant suites for those staying the night.