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Guide to Los Angeles: 6 Food Trucks To Spot In California

Some of the tastiest grub in the state isn't found in fancy restaurants.

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Here’s the thing with Los Angeles, California — with its sunny skies and roads that are built for some of the most scenic road trips, it makes sense that some of the best food to be had is found in food trucks that line the streets. We sniff out six popular food trucks to keep an eye out for the next time you’re in the state.


Comfort food gets taken to the next level with this San Diego-based food truck. Think butter-poached lobster and plenty of bacon stuffed into tasty dishes here. Even the vegetarian option is a tad decadent, with fresh stalks of grilled asparagus tucked into a melted cheese sandwich.

Crepes Bonaparte

Crepes are the plat du jour on the menu of this roaming food truck, where inspiration can be found from savoury caprese salads that take the form of a roasted tomatoes, chicken and mozzarella crepe to banana pies that end up in a sweet pancake filled with mascarpone, cinnamon sugar and caramel. The trucks — named Gaston and Pierre — travel throughout Los Angeles, Orange County and San Diego.

The Lime Truck

As winners of season two of The Great Food Truck Race, it's hard to believe The Lime Truck was started by two guys who, well, didn't really have formal cooking training. But this is proof that sometimes, creativity is all it takes — the concept here focuses on healthy and accessible food, such as the slow roasted pulled-pork fries or even tacos with tortillas that they make in-house. The Lime Truck recently set up shop closer to home, in Singapore.

Potato, Beef Ribs and Slow Cooked Pork Tacos from The Lime Truck.
Potato, Beef Ribs and Slow Cooked Pork Tacos from The Lime Truck.
Free Range

Brunch is the name of the game here, as the cheeky name of this food truck suggests. Quality chicken and eggs are what this truck does best, with crispy-skinned juicy chickens sandwiched between rich buttery biscuits, and crispy potatoes with runny eggs. The menu rotates often, so check out their website for updates. Melrose Place Farmers' Market is a good place to catch them on Sundays.

Me So Hungry

Yet another clever play on names is this food truck that takes inspiration from the sweet sticky Japanese bean paste, miso. Items on the menu feature, well, miso of course — try the poached salmon with the truck's trademarked Meso Miso over brown and red rice with micro greens.
Breakfast sandwich from Free Range. Photo Credit: Free Range LA.
Breakfast sandwich from Free Range. Photo Credit: Free Range LA.

Foie gras and truffles in a burger from a food truck? That's what you get when the food truck is opened by none other than chef Daniel Humm of three-Michelin-starred Eleven Madison Park in New York City. NoMad is Humm's way of researching the LA market before he officially opens a brick-and-motar there, which means those looking to grab a sneak taste of his food should hunt down this wandering truck now. On the menu: A particularly decadent burger with double patties and black truffle mayonnaise (priced at just US$10) and a fancy Milk & Honey dessert that comes as a swirl of vanilla soft serve with delicate white wafers of milk meringue.


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