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MICHELIN Restaurants with Great Views in 5 Cities in China

10 Restaurants
Visit those MICHELIN-listed restaurants with spectacular views in Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou, Chengdu, and Hangzhou. Let the scenery take care of your eyes and food your palate.
Updated on 26 February 2024

Every dining-out is a journey of the palate. The restaurant views are often the pleasant surprises on your adventure.

Visit those MICHELIN-listed restaurants with spectacular views in Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou, Chengdu, and Hangzhou. Let the scenery take care of your eyes and food your palate.


Maison Lameloise
68F, Shanghai Tower, 501 Middle Yincheng Road, Pudong, Shanghai
¥¥¥¥ · French Contemporary

Sitting high on the 68th floor of the Shanghai Tower, clientele can soak up the views of the Bund that surround the building of pride.

From France to Shanghai, Maison Lameloise offers a consistent gastronomic style and experience. The chef, who worked on Éric Pras’s team for years, is keen to pair classic recipes with local produce such as sunflower seed-fed chicken from Guangdong and sea perch from Fujian, in his own spin on authentic French cooking. The bread is baked in-house with a perfect crust and crumbly dough.

Jean Georges
4F, Bund 3, 3 Zhongshan Dong Yi Road, Huangpu, Shanghai
¥¥¥¥ · French

Another dining concept from chef Vongerichten, Jean Georges features smart décor with a roomful of elegance.

The menu offers plenty of items from its New York flagship, such as toasted egg yolk with caviar, tuna tartare with avocado, and hazelnut praline soufflé. Attentive sommeliers are always ready to proudly recommend from its drinks menu that has gathered over 700 varieties from the world.

Il Ristorante - Niko Romito
47F, Bvlgari Hotel, Lane 108, North Shanxi Road, Jingan, Shanghai
¥¥¥¥ · Italian

Crystal chandeliers and semi-circular leather booths impart style and a sense of grandeur. Stunning vistas of the Huangpu River are invited inside through beautiful French windows.

Operated by an Italian chef and supervised by celebrity chef Niko Romito, creations are underpinned by well-honed skills to reflect seasonality. Among an array of handmade pastas, the lobster linguine bursts with seafood umami is a must-try. Italian and French champagnes and wines elevate the dining experience together with the spectacular views around the house.


Café Zi
5F, Mandarin Oriental Wangfujing, 269 Wangfujing Street, Dongcheng, Beijing
¥¥¥ · Cantonese

Managing to be classic and modern somehow at the same time for the interior décor, the establishment offers a grand view of the Forbidden City from its rooftop terrace.

A veteran kitchen team celebrates traditions with a menu that stars all of Canton’s culinary hits – seafood, stir fries, soups…… Excellently interpretations of classic recipes play the charm of Cantonese food to the full. Also try the refreshing cocktails, interestingly infused with Chinese tea.


100F, Four Seasons Hotel, 5 Zhujiang West Road, Zhujiang New Town, Guangzhou
¥¥¥¥ · European Contemporary

Crowning Four Seasons Hotel Guangzhou on the 100th floor, with breathtaking views of the Pearl River and Canton Tower.

Catch is a spectacular contemporary French restaurant offering a unique dining experience. The culinary team creates an iconic menu of internationally sourced seafood with exquisite pairing. Signature dishes from the seasonal menu includes pan-seared toothfish served with ratatouille and beurre blanc, bouillabaisse made with fresh seafood that stimulate your taste buds. In Catch, each dish is considered a culinary art, together with the ritualistic service simulating a fine concert.

Sky No.1
28-31F, Xinhe Building, 1 Huaxia Road, Zhujiang New Town, Guangzhou
¥¥¥ · Cantonese

Perched on a riverbank, this restaurant offers Chinese ink wash paintings that are as magnificent as the grand views of Guangzhou skyline unfolded around the Canton Tower.

This head chef brings his unique vision to the table from long years of experience crafting all styles of Cantonese dishes. Also check out the live seafood on the menu, such as wild-caught Indonesian giant spiny lobster and Australian crystal crab (to be cooked the way you specify).


Xin Rong Ji
No. 501, 5F, Chinese Financial Center, 33 Jiaozi Avenue, Wuhou, Chengdu
¥¥¥¥ · Taizhou

The large space is furnished in a lavish but understated manner and has lovely views of the Twin Towers.

You can find the brand's signature offerings on the menu, but it's the Taizhou recipes jazzed with by local touches that truly shine. Try sour and spicy sweet potato noodle in the sea anemone glass noodles with pickled chillies, or mapo tofu with cod milt, a perfect pair for rice with the aroma of beans in numbing heat.

The Bridge
66 Binjiang East Road, Jinjiang, Chengdu
¥¥¥ · Sichuan

Perched on a historic bridge in Chengdu, the restaurant offers a spectacular river vista from the balconies attached to some dining rooms along with modern Sichuan food.

The food reveals chef André Chiang’s modern take on Sichuan cooking, delivering refined touches and mindful plating. Marble goby in stone pot, and almond tofu dessert are the highlights. The pickle trolley presents over 10 choices of Sichuan taste profiles for diners to choose from.


Longjing Manor
399 Longjing Road, Xihu, Hangzhou
¥¥¥ · Zhejiang

Tucked away in a quiet alley in the Longjing village, this restaurant is surprisingly spacious. To walk to the private dining rooms are named after commanders and captain in the ancient times, you pass an extensive manicured garden with stone bridges and ponds.

The experienced head chef thoughtfully prepares Jiangnan dishes that hark back to the old days with in-season produce. Without à la carte options, menus are tailored to guests’ liking in advance.

Guiyu (Xihu)
2-1 Manjuelong Road, Xihu, Hangzhou
¥¥¥ · Zhejiang

Naming for this restaurant is inspired by an osmanthus forest in Manjuelong where the restaurant is located, adjoining the West Lake. No place is better than the garden to enjoy a meal if you visit in autumn, having a sea of osmanthus on your plate.

The tea ceremony at each table is quite a spectacle, filling the sleek, elegant room with the scent of tea. The menu is dominated by Zhejiang classics made with seasonal ingredients from across the country. Try the crispy skin chicken – chicken from Qingyuan (Guangdong) is smoked with Hangzhou local black tea, and river fish cooked with dried bamboo shoot, too.