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Osaka - Enjoying Japanese Cuisine in a Private Dining Room

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For dining on that special day, gatherings with family or friends, or entertaining a valued client, a private dining room is simply a must. Styles are surprisingly varied. Seating may be a horigotatsu (low seating at a covered table placed over a sunken area in the floor ), or a conventional dining table. You may be seated at a counter facing a chef in your private room or surrounded by the beauty of nature. Admire the seasonal decorations with which the room is adorned, or the beauty of the architecture, as the gracious service of the hostess or chef puts your heart at ease. In this article we acquaint you with a few of the enchanting private rooms awaiting you in Osaka’s Japanese restaurants.
Updated on 28 November 2023
Kashiwaya Osaka Senriyama
2-5-18 Senriyamanishi, Suita, 565-0851 Osaka
¥¥¥ · Japanese

A traditional Japanese restaurant built in the tea-ceremony-room style. Each of seven private rooms presents its own unique elegance: tea room, tatami seating with horigotatsu, Western-style table and so on. The kimono-clad proprietress and hostess serve with graceful hospitality.

3-3-3 Uchiawajimachi, Chuo-ku, 540-0038 Osaka
¥¥¥¥ · Japanese

Beautiful modern architecture casts a spell, whether the private room you select is furnished with a Japanese-modern table or horigotatsu in a room floored with rough-hewn planks in the traditional naguri style. Whichever you choose, views of the inner garden soothe the soul.

Ajikitcho Bumbuan
B1F, Hommachi Garden City, 3-6-4 Hommachi, Chuo-ku, 541-0053 Osaka
¥¥¥ · Japanese

Tasteful atmosphere belies its location in the basement of a downtown building. Styles of private rooms include tatami seating, horigotatsu and Western-style tables. Staff are clad in kimono, as befits a traditional Japanese restaurant. Nestled amidst office buildings, Ajikitcho Bumbuan is a popular spot for entertaining clients.

Fushimimachi Kakoiyama
2-4-12 Fushimimachi, Chuo-ku, 541-0044 Osaka
¥¥¥¥ · Japanese

Japanese ambience is a balm for the soul here in the commercial district of Semba. In the private rooms with table seating, the tea-ceremony-room design works its magic, while flowers and a hanging scroll greet entering guests.

Ichiju Nisai Ueno Minoten
2-5 Minokoen, Mino, 562-0002 Osaka
¥¥¥ · Japanese

Mino Park, with its famous waterfall and autumn foliage, is the setting for this restaurant. Rooms facing the Mino river offer views of charming natural beauty. The Tsutsuji and Seiryu rooms are the right size for intimate dinner gatherings, while the Ume room offers space for larger celebrations.

B1F, 2-9-3 Nishitemma, Kita-ku, 530-0047 Osaka
¥¥¥ · Japanese

Zeshin offers a charming teahouse for two as well as a room with table that accommodates up to 12 diners. A hostess provides attentive service. Another private room is furnished with counter seating, so guests can converse with the chef. The Japanese interior and accomplished service soothe the spirit.

Higashichaya Nakamura
1-25-8 Honjohigashi, Kita-ku, 531-0074 Osaka
¥¥¥¥ · Japanese

The tenor is spare refinement: hanging scroll in the alcove, wickerwork on the ceiling. A table and modern chairs sit on tatami mats. Details such as a separate washroom for the room are a nice touch for entertaining.

Oimatsu Kitagawa
4-12-27 Nishitemma, Kita-ku, 530-0047 Osaka
¥¥¥ · Japanese

The clean interior lines and furnishings of Japanese architecture. One private room is furnished with a table, another with a counter. The counter is arranged in an L shape to facilitate conversation. A waiting room provides added convenience.

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