Iron Gate

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Blessed with one of the coolest dining spaces in the city (a former stable and carriageway tucked inside a historic townhouse), Iron Gate has a good thing going even before you take your first bite. Its cozy dining room features rustic dark wood beams, sleek leather banquettes and a roaring fireplace; while out back, a lovely—and lively—trellised garden patio stays heated and open nearly year-round. The good news is the food is just as exceptional-dinner features an à la carte menu with dishes that meander between Greek, Italian and Mediterranean flavors. Sesame-crusted feta finds perfect harmony in sweet and tart vin cotto and honey; while caramelized ricotta gnocchi gets a leg up from pork sausage ragù, chili pepper and a dusting of parmesan.
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Iron Gate

1734 N St. NW, Washington, DC 20036

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+1 202-524-5202

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Lunch Tue - Sun Dinner nightly

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