RT Rotisserie

MICHELIN Guide 2019
The Plate • Fresh ingredients, carefully prepared: a good meal
Under 25 USD
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Can’t manage to snag a seat at Rich Table? You’ll dine equally well at the restaurant’s fast-casual sibling, just a block away. Though it resembles the mothership with its simple, wood-heavy décor and earthenware plates, RT's compact menu and counter service make it far more affordable—a bonus with the Hayes Valley crowds seeking a quick-but-quality lunch or pre-theater dinner. The menu is centered on a few rotisserie items, including tender, juicy half-chicken with crisp, burnished skin. When accompanied by perfectly roasted cauliflower that shines in a pita sandwich, with beet hummus, cucumber salad, lemon and herbs, it's an utter delight. Add on a dipping sauce like chipotle yogurt or a side of charred corn with ricotta, and you're in business.



RT Rotisserie

101 Oak St., San Francisco, 94102

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+1 415-829-7086

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Lunch & dinner daily

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