The Nuaa

MICHELIN Guide 2018
The Plate • Fresh ingredients, carefully prepared: a good meal
Quite comfortable
25 - 50 USD
MICHELIN Guide’s Point Of View
The Nuaa offers a certain sultry vibe to this rather blah, trafficky stretch-it's dim and moody even in the middle of the day. Shimmering gold accents pop against the room's brown leather seating, carved woodwork, and dark palette. Fans of Thai cuisine will enjoy the pleasantly pungent notes throughout the selection of salads and noodle dishes. Crunchy curried rice salad features deep-fried nuggets strewn with Thai sausage and lemongrass served with plenty of shallots, long beans, lettuce, and a drizzle of makrut lime-mint vinaigrette. The kanom jeen features thin rice noodles soaked in a mildly spiced coconut-rich yellow curry that is generously stocked with huge lumps of crab meat, chopped pickled mustard greens, and caper berries.



The Nuaa

1122 First Ave., NY 10065

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+1 212-888-2899

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Lunch & dinner daily

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