Taiwanese Gourmet

MICHELIN Guide 2018
The Plate • Fresh ingredients, carefully prepared: a good meal
Under 25 USD
MICHELIN Guide’s Point Of View
A truly local spot, Taiwanese Gourmet puts diners in the mood with its semi-open kitchen (a rarity for Chinese restaurants) and tasty food. Natural light floods the walls, which showcase an impressive collection of ancient warrior gear, all beautifully framed as if museum-ready. Menu descriptions are minimal but the staff is happy to elaborate. Excellent technique shines through the Taiwanese specialties, notably in strips of "shredded beef" sautéed in a dark, meaty paste, and tossed with dried tofu that balances complex flavors with fresh Chinese celery-a hands down winner on the menu. Likewise, the stir-fry of wonderfully briny clams and basil offers a perfect balance of sweet and salty flavors with oyster sauce, soy, rice wine, and red chilies.
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Taiwanese Gourmet

84-02 Broadway, NY 11373

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+1 718-429-4818

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Lunch & dinner daily

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