Paet Rio =

MICHELIN Guide 2018
Bib Gourmand • Inspectors’ favourites for good value
Under 25 USD
MICHELIN Guide’s Point Of View
With so many Thai places around, it's easy to get lost in this exceptional concentration; just be sure to find yourself at Paet Rio. The design of this long and inviting room may elevate the experience, but it is their spicy and unusual cooking that makes everything shine. The menu here is a dance of sensations-tart, spicy, sour, fresh-as seen in Chinese broccoli leaves (miang kha-na) with pork, chilies, peanuts, garlic, and lime. Grilled squid (pla muek yang) has an addictive fiery sauce, while fermented pork and sticky rice sausage (sai krok Isan) is pleasurably sour with cabbage, chili, and peanuts. End this steamy affair over noodles sautéed with pork, squid, and soy sauce (kua gai); or khao phat pla kem featuring a tasty twist on the tired fried rice.



Paet Rio

81-10 Broadway, NY 11373

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+1 917-832-6672

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Lunch & dinner daily

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