New Wonjo

MICHELIN Guide 2018
The Plate • Fresh ingredients, carefully prepared: a good meal
Quite comfortable
25 - 50 USD
MICHELIN Guide’s Point Of View
New Wonjo offers a delightful respite in this jam-packed quarter of K-town. The modest space is spread over two floors and is mighty popular for barbecue-seeking groups. The fact that these grills still use charcoal only adds to the overall lure. And no matter the time, one can expect to find hordes of diners huddling around platters of marinated beef short ribs (kalbi) or thinly sliced pork belly (samgyupsal). Non-barbecue delights include mandoo, chap chae and cochu pa jeon. But, keep room to savor soups like ban gye tang-a soothing ginseng-infused broth bobbing with sticky rice- garlic- and jujubes-stuffed chicken. Gobdol bi bim bap with minced beef, a runny egg, and other spicy condiments is wonderfully flavorful but only incendiary upon request.



New Wonjo

23 W. 32nd St., NY 10001

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+1 212-695-5815

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Lunch & dinner daily

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