Jun-Men Ramen Bar

MICHELIN Guide 2018
The Plate • Fresh ingredients, carefully prepared: a good meal
Quite comfortable
Under 25 USD
MICHELIN Guide’s Point Of View
This cool West Chelsea ramen shop is a hot ticket-and with less than two dozen seats, a short wait can be expected at lunchtime. Slick and bright, the grey and white space is accentuated by the stainless steel implements of the open kitchen, where two hot tub-sized stock pots of pork broth bubble away. That marrow-rich broth is the foundation for a succulent bowlful of toothsome straight noodles topped with simmered bamboo shoots, delightfully fatty chasu, shoyu tamago with a liquid gold yolk, and a splash of fermented garlic oil for good measure. Spicy miso and kimchi are delicious variations on the theme, while small plates offer tastes like pork buns, fried sweet potatoes, and yellowtail crudo dressed with pickled mango and kimchi.



Jun-Men Ramen Bar

249 Ninth Ave., NY 10001

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+1 646-852-6787

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Lunch & dinner Mon - Sat

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