Hunan Kitchen

MICHELIN Guide 2019
The Plate • Fresh ingredients, carefully prepared: a good meal
Under 25 USD
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The look is simple, but this small space has its own charms and the comfort level is a few notches higher than the typical Main Street digs. Not so small is the menu though, which is an encyclopedia of all things Hunanese, and of course, there are plenty of specialties boasting that trademark heat, smoke and sour notes. You'll smell the chili wafting off the tender and intoxicating cumin lamb as it is seared to perfection and spiced to the hilt with red and green chilies as well as bell peppers. Braised smoked bamboo with sliced pork won't take home top prize for its looks, but with intense barbecue-like smoke and a meaty crunch, it's a total winner. Do keep an eye out for those sneaky red and green chili seeds lurking in this dish.



Hunan Kitchen

42-47 Main St., New York, NY 11355

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+1 718-888-0553

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Lunch & dinner daily

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