Guan Fu Sichuan

MICHELIN Guide 2019
The Plate • Fresh ingredients, carefully prepared: a good meal
Very comfortable
50 - 75 USD
MICHELIN Guide’s Point Of View
Ornate wood-carved screens, heavy Imperial furniture and enormous serving utensils make this the most stylized and grand Sichuan restaurant in town. The menu’s photos simplify ordering from a range of familiar favorites, like the best bean jelly salad around, intensely savory with a good dose of black vinegar and garlicky chili oil. Other inventive (read: unfamiliar) dishes are just as worthwhile, especially that massive platter of gan ma-style stewed pork leg, surrounded by vibrant Chinese greens. While the cuisine strives to showcase subtlety and dimension rather than decimate the palate with spice, rest assured as some items still boast that tongue-numbing tang from Sichuan’s beloved peppercorns. Portions are large so bring a gang.
  • { Private dining rooms



Guan Fu Sichuan

39-16 Prince St., New York, NY 11354

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+1 347-610-6999

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Lunch & dinner daily

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