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Experiencing the Beauty of Kaiseki in Kyoto

Nowhere is Japan’s elegant culinary philosophy and prowess better expressed than in colorful and complex kaiseki cuisine.

10 Oct 2018
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Kitchen Language: What Is Omakase?

The complete fate of your meal is in the hands of the chef.

05 Oct 2018

Chef Spotlight: Nick Kim and Jimmy Lau

Meet the duo behind Shuko, New York City’s sleek omakase hideaway.

05 Sep 2018
Abbe Baker Abbe Baker

Himitsu Doesn't Like Playing it Safe

Chef Kevin Tien and beverage director Carlie Steiner eschew convention at their Japanese restaurant.

04 Sep 2018

A Guide to Dashi

One of the culinary cornerstones of Japanese cuisine, dashi brings out umami in food.

19 Aug 2018
Rosalind Ang Rosalind Ang

Don Wagyu Opens in Manhattan’s Financial District

Luxury lunching options expand in FiDi with $180 beef sandwiches.

28 Jun 2018
Marguerite Imbert Marguerite Imbert

Masayoshi Takayama's NYC Robata (Video)

The sushi master walks us through his latest venture, Tetsu.

26 Jun 2018
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Recipe: Black Cod Donabe from Chef Kyle Connaughton

Learn how to use the ceramic Japanese tool at home.

14 Feb 2018

8 Types of Soy Sauces and Their Uses

There's more to soy sauce than dark and light, including one that fetches 30 times the usual price of a bottle.

11 Feb 2018
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A Second Star for Sushi Ginza Onodera (Video)

Get to know the sushi jedi behind the two-Michelin-starred Midtown Manhattan hotspot.

18 Dec 2017
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